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      I had kind of a difficult time with potty training my son b/c I was working full
      time and my sitter believed in putting the kids on the potty and having them
      stay there until they atleast tried to go. She’s babysat kids for about 30 yrs
      and also had 4 kids (3 of them boys) herself and this is how she did it. Well my
      son wanted no part of it.

      As soon as he’d get home, he’d want to be naked. I
      tried keeping him atleast partially dressed, but that was a losing battle.
      Anyway, when he was naked, he would use the potty for both pee and poop, but if
      he was dressed, he’d have accidents. He finally got to the point where he would
      wear pants and still use the potty at home, but the sitter wanted him in pullups
      until she was sure he was trained.

      Well he was almost 3.5 and I had some extra
      time off work b/c of Christmas and by the time he had to go back to her, I sent
      him with just underwear. He never had an accident at her house but would still
      wear a pullup at naptime. Even then, he rarely had accidents.

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