How to "frugal" an "un-frugal" vacation location?

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      Good luck on being frugal at Disney. lol. We went about 10 years ago or so, and
      one bottle of soda pop was $2.50, I could have croaked.

      lol. My squeaky cheap
      heart almost couldn’t take it.

      Michelle H.

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      This really goes for any vacations that you’re driving to. I’ve heard people prepare meals ahead of time, freeze them, bring a crock pot and warm them up in the crock pot. Of course you’d have to have a fridge in your hotel room or constantly refill your cooler up w/ ice each day.

      Another tip I received from reading America’s Cheapest family is ~ when they’ve flown .. after arriving they go to the local thrift store, buy a crock pot, go to Wal-mart or whatever and buy canned foods and place them in the crock pot for meals .. no fridge no eating out.

      Then they just donated the crock pot to whomever.

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      @BiggerPiggyBank 5015 wrote:

      I am a Disney Fanatic… yes, I freely admit that 🙂 Disneyland, wdw, i
      love them all! i belong to a yahoo group that really helps you get the
      most bang for your buck there!

      themouseforless : get more value for your vacation dollars

      it is wonderful. wdw isn’t cheap, but you can find ways to make it
      frugal. anything you want to know, they can help you with it!


      or, you may check out the website itself so you are sure the deals are updated.
      disneyland resort current codes, discounts & special offers


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      Monica’s can spend as much as you want or as little. We’ve gone to many parks like this. If you eat a good breakfast in the morning a light lunch in the park and supper when you leave food doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

      My kids had always rather ride the rides and have fun instead of eating.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Disney Budget How to "frugal" an "un-frugal" vacation location?