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      Yes. That is what I said. We eat Pine trees.

      Eh,well, Just the limbs really but still… You can eat the trunk but only if it is already downed. I get the boys to hack saw off a limb.

      I then strip the outer bark with a knife. Very easy to do. Then I shave off the middle layer.

      You will know one from the other. Of course the outer is the rough surface that you always see. The middle is soft and white like.

      Next is the wood. Don’t eat the wood. It’s tough.

      Take the middle bark( soft shavings) and coat them with choice of oil and bake or put them in a skillet with touch of oil and “fry” them. You can bake them dry also. You don’t have to cook them very long.

      Medium heat is fine. I salt them. It crunches like chips but tastes something like popcorn.

      If camping, you can heat a rock and cook them on that. ( I’ve never done it though). Also, if useing rock, use dry, unlayered rocks.

      Stay away from smooth rock unless you know that you know it has not been in a river bed. Rocks can and will explode. Hope you enjoy Pine tree as much as we do!

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