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      Free Kindle eBook Reader for PC:

      1. Get the Free Kindle Application for PC (the File is 23.2 Mb) (Link for MAC Users!)
      2. Click on the Download Button, Follow the instructions on the page for installation
      3. Open the Kindle Application on your desktop & enter your amazon username/password (if you don’t have one you can register on Amazon for free)- do not neglect to enter a valid username/password- otherwise it’s a pain to get your eBooks!!
      4. Once Installed you can then download Any free eBook in the Kindle freebies Forum by clicking on the Click Here to Download Book Now link that is listed in each of the free ebook Listings
      5. It will take you to the amazon page for the book, you click the image not availableBuy now Button (right hand side of the page) and if you have registered your pc ebook reader- your new free ebook purchase will show up automatically in your reader.
      6. Then Open your eBook Reader on your desktop- Click on Library (shortcut- use ctrl+alt+L and then you will see all of your ebooks listed here-
      7. image not available click on the little cloud to download the actual book to your reader. (Right click with your mouse, choose download) The books will not download until you do this.
      8. Then to read your books you’ve downloaded, click on Downloaded Items (in your library list- again- to get to your library easily click CTRL+ALT+L at the same time.) and click on the book title itself.

      It sounds complicated, but it’s really very simple.

      System Requirements

      • A PC with a 500MHz Intel or AMD processor or faster
      • At least 128MB of RAM
      • Screen resolution of 800×600 or greater
      • Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later, or Windows Vista or Windows 7
      • 100MB of available disk space

      Other Notes:

      If you neglected to register a username when you first opened the eBook reader, you can Still add your registration.

      1. Click on Tools (top left)
      2. scroll down to “Options”- click that.
      3. It will open a small box, click on Registration
      4. Enter your registered Amazon Username and Password.
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      Sorry, but Amazon is trying to charge me $2.99 for my copy of the book, so I guess I don’t know what I am doing! LOL

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      Amazon goes by EST, not central time 😉

      It’s listed for free for a short time only and is currently showing a $0.00 Price.

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      @FreebieQueen 322043 wrote:

      Amazon goes by EST, not central time 😉

      It’s listed for free for a short time only and is currently showing a $0.00 Price.

      Thanks, I tried again today at 12:30 in the afternoon,lol, and got it!!

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      This is great! Worked like a charm, thx.

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