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      As everyone who reads the interior design magazines knows, the tropical look is extremely chic and fashionable right now.
      While this look appears to be very simple, it is not easy to achieve.
      The first step is to locate a good home and garden shop, or a home and garden store online store. Opt for one which offers unusual home accents including a wide range of elegant and stylish products. Look for classy items which are well made and ooze quality and luxury.
      The hallmark of this interior design look is clear spaces, natural products and fabrics, and artful simplicity.

      Think acres of pale polished wooden floors, and yards of billowing lace curtains. But this does not mean that your design must be boring or bland.
      With the right home d?cor accents, no room need be uninteresting. Your bedroom can become a calm and tranquil bower, boasting the best and most beautiful linen and damask fabrics.

      Crochet trim and smocking can add interest to the overall look. Use a beautifully made wooden musical/jewelry box as a useful object and also to add a stylish d?cor accent to any bedroom. Consider using tropical candles or candle lamps to add to the tropical feel.
      Be creative and consider sumptuous linens to dress your tables.

      Matching place mats and linen napkins will add a touch of class. Some of the best ideas for what to hang on your wall as d?cor accents come from exclusive and quality home and garden d?cor stores. Take some time to search out the best, and you will be repaid many times over for your time and trouble.
      There is nothing like a couple of really good pieces of African art to instantly instill that tropical feeling.

      Some exquisite and unusual home d?cor accessories are available and when positioned as room accents, you will feel the total tropical look coming together.
      How about using a natural hand woven African art llala basket as a wall hanging? This traditional basket would look stunning as a wall mounted work of art. Or what about a piece of Kenyan sculpture?

      An artistic impression of a mother and child would cost you under thirty dollars.
      Don?t forget to include your garden or greenspace in your tropical makeover. Garden accessories to help you achieve this look include hammocks and swings. There are a huge selection to choose from, including some exquisitely hand-made with great attention to detail.
      But no paradise would be complete without the gentle tinkling of tropical wind chimes or wind bells.

      Choose from the soothing tones of wood or metal. Wind chimes make the perfect garden decor and will be the finishing touch to your creation of a tropical paradise, wherever you may be.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Home Improvement / Decor How to Create That Tropical Look