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      Wow, there is alot of missing info here.

      1. WHY has this person not worked in 15 years (disable…is

      collecting income/is not collecting income Contributes, financially

      or in other ways. But, clearly you are not happy about the

      situation. Will actively seek work, but still not help contadicts

      the has not worked in 15 years. One other reply was right on about

      what are you teaching any children in this household if you have any.

      My parenting has always been to love and teach our children. You are

      loving and teaching them to hopefully grow up and be responsible

      happy adults. Has this person been just coddled by all the enablers

      in her life?

      2. How old is this child of theirs (and yes you certainly can kick

      the person and child out) those other family members maybe should

      step up if they are gonna have attitude with it. I dont know about

      you or your family…….they way I figure it I work for my money and

      you should too or at least be contributing. And by no means would

      this person know my personal finances. Do you know how much higher

      your electric, gas, water and food bills are just because you have

      two extra people freeloading at your home?

      You asked how to silence this freeloader?

      You are hereby asked to leave our home by July 15th 2008.

      Good Luck

      — In, “Oscar” wrote:


      > Hello, I have a problem as stated in my subject line, I want to


      > by a budget and save money but, there is a person’s in my

      household, a

      > family member that doesn’t believe in putting money aside for a

      > raining day.

      > This person has been freeloading and etc… but, try to run everyone

      > financial life. He/She has not work for 15 years and stress those


      > do work on buying things or pay bills that we feel that are not that

      > urgent or worry about.

      > We want to toss this person out along with their kid, we agree it


      > benefit us but, that would not sit right with our family as a whole.

      > How can we silence this freeloading worrier about bills and convince

      > them about the benefits of a frugal living ,budgeting,and saving



      > We are at our end with the price of gas and things this individual

      > will actively seek work but, they still will not help.


      > Well, Thank You for your time,help,and gratitude.


      > Best Regards,

      > Oscar

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