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      If there is a valid reason this person cannot find a place of their own

      perhaps another family member could take on the responsibilities for awhile.

      It’s easy to have expectations for others when you don’t live with the

      situation on a daily basis.

      If they are able to work, then its your job to let them know what the

      boundaries are. Even if they continue to live with you, they need to be

      responsible for their own debts -don’t let them have access to your credit

      cards or bank accounts, don’t pay their bills and don’t let them have any

      input on your budget. You could set a work-in-lieu-of-rent schedule that

      assigns them responsibilities in your home. Let them know what percentage of

      the grocery bill they will be responsible for or give them their own small

      fridge and hot plate to manage their own meals. Don’t pay for them to come

      out for dinner with you, pay for their cell phone, buy school supplies or

      cover their long distance bills. Put passwords on your computers so they

      cannot shop online. In short, make it as difficult as possible for them to

      get access to finances or create debt in any name but their own.

      Unfortunately, they will never “be convinced to budget and save” if they are

      still getting freebies at your house. Its up to you to set and enforce the

      boundaries based on your own financial reality and your own preparations for

      your own future. If you’re interested, here’s the link to an article I wrote

      last year about passing on money management skills.


      The people I interviewed were firm that too many people are not prepared for

      their own future because they’re supporting someone else that is well able

      to fend for themselves.

      And good luck. It’s a tough situation but an incredibly important one to



      On Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 7:54 AM, Oscar <cashjay31@yahoo.com> wrote:

      > Hello, I have a problem as stated in my subject line, I want to live

      > by a budget and save money but, there is a person’s in my household, a

      > family member that doesn’t believe in putting money aside for a

      > raining day.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List How to convince someone to budget and save