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      Here is my favorite go-to recipe to get rid of any urine smell from carpets & cushions to mattresses. this also removed some stubborn sweat stains from a white mattress that bleach & others so-called “specialty” cleaners couldn’t. it now looks like new.
      how to clean cat pee remove cat urine stains pin

      How to Clean Cat Pee Permanently

      you need 1 bottle of Hydrogen peroxide
      1 TBS dawn dishwashing liquid
      1 TBS of baking soda.

      Mix the ingredients together, spray liberally on the affected area and leave it on until completely dry. Once it’s dry you’ll see a white residue left behind. Then vacuum the area.

      I now have 19 cats and this works FANTASTIC.


      How to clean cat urine out of Clothing, Blankets, etc

      I use white vinegar in the wash.. (about 2-3 cups at a time, I mean it so cheap I don’t really measure) do a pre soak.. then let it run through the wash cycle let it spin out…then restart it all over adding your normal detergent and let it run the whole normal wash.. dry as normal..

      With 19 Cats it’s Imperative to Keep the House Disinfected. To wash my floors I use 5 Tbs Washing powder, 1 Tbs Dawn dishsoap, half liter of white vinegar in a mop bucket with hot water. I wash, let it set a couple of minutes, then dry the floors using a clean towel.

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      Will that area that was clean keep them from peeing there again?

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        I don’t really know about what’s in it that makes them not pee in the same spot again but at my house I haven’t had any issues with it.

        Only the newer males that are not fixed spray in the house. I did have a female with a UTI that soiled in an area near an older stain that I removed, but she didn’t soil in the same spot. I don’t know if she was marking or just felt the urge to go because of the UTI.

        None of my cats are problem animals, they all potty outside. My husband built a “sandbox” in the back corner of our property and most of them use that area. We drag it with a garden rake periodically to clean it out, and we add fresh pool sand to it every summer. I just hose it down with a garden hose.

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      I have several maine coon cats and one of my females likes to mark an area of my bedroom. My house smells like cat pee. It’s not a great smell, but it’s also not something you can just ignore.

      maine coon cat
      Maine Coon Cat

      The problem with cat urine is that it seeps into carpets, furniture, clothes and other fabrics. And once those items are saturated in the stench of kitty urine, they will never be clean again without some serious scrubbing or professional help.

      At least that’s what I thought before I tried this. I’ve tried a couple of enzyme based cleaners and they didn’t work for me. I tried this homemade cat pee cleaner recipe and it worked like gangbusters. That’s wicked. It’s super cheap too, I get the peroxide 2/$1 a Reny’s.

      Also, I don’t know if you knew this or not but you can use a blacklight flashlight to look for urine stains. When my girl first started to mark, the urine smell was strong but we didn’t know where she was marking. I bought a blacklight and it makes the stain show easy so you can clean it completely.
      dried cat urine stains
      lots of times it’s not that the cleaner didn’t work, it’s that areas were missed because you didn’t see them.

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      19 cats? Does that make you 1 cat short of Crazy?

      b101 one cat short of crazy meme
      Get the Mug Here

      I’m just teasing, please don’t be offended. I have a few kitties myself, I get it.

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