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      This is EXACTLY what we’re doing. More than 1/2 of Ethans
      Kindergarten class was out for flu this week, so when I heard it hit
      hard in the school I started putting 3-5 drops in each ear in the
      morning & before bedtime on both boys. Dylan had a dry cough that
      cleared right up with this treatment.
      Ethan’s symptoms of flu started in, so I started him on
      Oscillococcinum as well.

      It works best on onset. I haven’t changed
      the amounts of Vitamin C or E, although I should. That’s a decent
      price on Oscillococcinum, I got mine at Axis in Lewiston for 12.99
      for 2 boxes.

      (It was buy one get one free), so I got a decent deal
      as well.
      As far as how long we leave the peroxide, I don’t worry about it,
      my little one shakes his head like a puppy after, but it works like
      a charm.

      >>and leave it in there for 5-15 minutes…if it bubbles, it’s
      eliminating germs, etc. When I start feeling something coming on,
      colds, etc, I do this several times a day…other than that, I do
      this at least once a week to be safe<<
      This works like a charm to stop strep in its tracks too.

      > sick-free. I also take vitamin C, vitamin E, and Oscillococcinum
      > (made by BOIRON). The just had a sale on
      > Oscillococcinum, so I stocked up…:).

      I bought 24 doses for
      > $31.62…that’s approx $1.32 per dose…real cheap!<< From my personal experience anything by boiron is worth its weight
      in gold.

      Thanks for your post dj, i was floored when i saw you were using the
      exact same treatment as i am currently using on my entire family.
      (you know, my close friends call me flaky, but they always come to
      me when they’re sick )


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