How to Avoid a Hangover on New Years

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      This was posted on one of my yahoogroups by Sami.

      How to avoid a hangover
      We have all done it… overindulge a bit too much on alcohol and then pay the price the next day when cutting your own head off seems like a valid solution! But here is what you can do before and during your party to avoid the hangover blues the next morning

      before you go out, make sure you take your vitamins. when you drink, you dehydrate and lose vitamins that help your body. so pop a few vitamin cs and a daily vitamin before you go out.

      and then take another few itamin cs with you and pop them over the course of your night.

      drink water
      this should be so obvious but it’s not to so many hungover people out there! this is actually the best thing you can do to stave off a hangover. drink a couple glasses of water before heading out for the night, and then switch off an alcoholic drink with a glass of water for each drink you have.

      you don’t need to drink a huge glass… even a few shots of water is better than none. don’t want to look like a you-know-what by drinking water?

      drop some ice cubes and/or a drink garnish in your water to disguise it or even drink from the tap in the bathroom. then, before you head off to bed that night, drink at least another glass of water.

      avoid high sugar and carbonated drinks
      you are best to avoid anything with a lot of carbonation, as this causes alcohol to be absorbed faster. and the combination of sugar and alcohol and cause havoc on your blood sugar levels.
      drink clear drinks.
      white rum or dark rum? always go for clear colored alcohol.

      why shouldn’t you enjoy the dark rum or whiskey? dark drinks have cogeners, which increase those nasty hangover effects. so drink clear alcohol whenever possible.

      and don’t mix different kind of drinks either… even though vodka and white rum are both clear, your head will not be happy with you in the morning.

      open a fresh bottle of wine
      don’t use that bottle of wine from supper a couple of nights ago, go for a fresh bottle. why? the longer ago the bottle was opened, the more oxidation has occurred, which means a bigger hangover.

      so treat yourself to a new bottle, and don’t forget the bottle opener.

      yeah, yeah, we know just not drinking as much will solve a lot of problems. but we all know that it doesn’t always happen that way, so if you know over-indulgence is an issue, make sure you follow the above tips!

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