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      One of the highest expenses for any business is advertising, but promoting your

      business doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Let people know about your

      products or services with these money-saving techniques, and use the rest of

      your budget for other ways to grow your business.

      Step 1

      Design a Logo — To design a logo, you don’t need an expensive graphic design

      program. Gimp.org and Inkscape.org offer free open source software to let you

      design your own logo. Use the logo on all business materials: business cards,

      letterhead, flyers, blog, magnets, etc.

      Step 2

      Business Cards Business Cards — If you don’t already have them, business cards

      are necessary for your business. You can get free business cards at

      VistaPrint.com. Give these out to anyone you meet.

      Step 3

      Car Magnet Vinyl Car Magnet — Car magnets cost around $8 and can be very

      effective in promoting your business. These are also available at

      VistaPrint.com. Market your business while driving around to do errands.

      Step 4

      Blog All About It Blog — Blogger.com lets you create an online blog for free.

      This is a great tool to announce any news or upcoming events about your

      business, and to obtain feedback from customers.

      Step 5

      Flyers & Brochures Flyers & Brochures — OpenOffice.org is an open source office

      suite that lets you create professional looking flyers and brochures. It is free

      to download and easy to use. Post flyers at your local library, grocery stores,

      coffee shops, and restaurants.

      Step 6

      Word of Mouth Word of Mouth — This is the cheapest, and most effective method

      of advertising available. Build up a clientele and make every client a

      repeat-client. Strive for excellent service that goes beyond what is expected,

      and soon your customers will be talking about you to all of their friends and


      Step 7

      Host a Radio Show Produce and Host Your Own Radio Show — BlogTalkRadio.com

      makes it easy to be the host of your own radio show, and you can even be part of

      their revenue sharing program. This means you can promote your business and make

      money at the same time.

      Valerie J. Deneen

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List How to advertise for a business on a small budget