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      11.0pt;color:#1F497D;”>Just a correction, it’s 58 cents per mile as of last month. If
      the prices keep climbing, it may change again before tax time!

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      Subject: Re: : How to advertise for a business on a small

      And last of my 2 cents, do not forget if you own your own business you can
      write off mileage ladies and gentlemen with gas prices climbing it would be
      nice to get back 48cents per mile think about how much you drive then do the
      math. Even if you don’t “own your own business” my accountant showed
      me how to become an independent rep for very cheap and use this as “my
      business”. I did it for the write off because I’m a Independent
      Contractor, its completely legal and I have made some extra income by it.

      about Win Win……

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