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      WOW……I own a home based business and its been interesting to find ways to

      promote and advertise without overspending. My most effective tool is good ole

      fashion word of mouth. Its forced me to think outside of the box when it comes

      to prospecting.

      I’ve been going through a local paper to find information on local networking

      groups, also is user friendly and there are many groups that will

      surely share your interests….meet people, network, find business, make money.

      Thats just one of the ways I’m discovering it does not take a million dollar

      budget to effectively advertise your business. Another is flyer’s, for less than

      $10.00 I printed 350 flyer’s at Kinkos, 2 invitational sized flyer’s on one page

      more bang for the buck.

      And last of my 2 cents, do not forget if you own your own business you can write

      off mileage ladies and gentlemen with gas prices climbing it would be nice to

      get back 48cents per mile think about how much you drive then do the math. Even

      if you don’t “own your own business” my accountant showed me how to become an

      independent rep for very cheap and use this as “my business”. I did it for the

      write off because I’m a Independent Contractor, its completely legal and I have

      made some extra income by it. Talk about Win Win……

      If anyone is looking for more info on how to market your business on a budget

      please let me know, Ive become a queen on finding sites that let you create free

      web-sites, gathering free leads for your business and legitimate ways to make

      extra income.

      That’s my 2cents….more like 10cents 🙂

      Original Message —-

      From: Valerie J. Deneen

      Subject: : How to advertise for a business on a small budget

      One of the highest expenses for any business is advertising, but promoting your

      business doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

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