Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes F.A.Q How much lemon juice?

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      I precut some apples and pears last night to put in baggies for my lunches. I mixed lemon juice and water and let the fruit sit in the mixture overnight. Well, by morning the fruit was brown and so slimy I couldn’t eat them and wound up throwing the fruit out.
      Does anyone know how much lemon juice to put in the water to prevent the browning?


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      I don’t know about the lemon juice but wonder why you put them in water?

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      I don’t know about lemon but my Amish neighbors told me to use 2 T. of salt & vinegar per gallon of water when preparing Apples or 1 t. salt per qt.

      for potatoes for canning to keep them firm and white. I work through 3 bushels at a time and it’s worked for me! I’ve never tried to put them in a lunch though.

      I’ve pulled apples out and packed into jars and they’ve set an hour or so before getting cover with water again and were still fine but longer I have no idea. It would be 1 1/2 t. per quart of water if you want to try it.

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      Lemon juice is usually used on sliced apples that are then going to be used in something else (like a pie, etc) to keep the apples from browning before they are added. Its best to wait and slice an apple when you are ready to eat it. 🙂

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      Just bring a knife to where you are going, cut the apples and eat them then. It only takes a few seconds to cut the apples. This way you can figure if you want them sliced or chunks at the last minute too.

      If you are adding peanut butter to increase protein, this knife helps with that too. (I put peanut butter in small container).

      Or if going the peanut butter route, cut up some small chunks (about 1/4 apple) and premix into peanut butter (*make sure the apples are dry so the peanut butter sticks) generally I use a bit about 3 T of peanut butter. (*can add 1T of dry milk to peanut butter first to increase calcium) .. This is handy if you are on the go, easy to toss into bag, lunch pail etc

      Personally for my kids, I cut in half, then scooped the center out using melon baller, dipped in straight lemon juice and sent to school. (*the only reason I did this for school is they had less than 10 mins for lunch – at home they ate apples normally)

      I would just dip them in straight lemon juice and package, never in water and lemon. Do it that morning. do not try to do a weeks worth not sure it would last that long,

      the stuff in the packages have preservatives.

      btw if you freeze seedless grapes and eat them they are great. also love frozen pineapple chunks (in juice)


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      Thanks for all the replies. I tried it again and just dipped the apples in lemon juice and it worked just fine. The apples I cut yesterday are not brown and still look good.

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      Sometimes I take peeled and sliced apple to waork, otherwise, if I take them unpeeled the y won’t get eaten. What I do is peele, and slice the apple and put some drops of lemon juice on the slices, but not much, just be sure all the surface is covered.

      Hope this helps

      Pat in Portugal

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      I put apple slices in a ziplock bag with water and sprinkled salt and a drop of vinegar and 24 hours later they are still white and crisp and taste great. Glad you got the lemon thing to work! Glad my Amish friends showed me the salt & vinegar way also, a life saver during canning season!

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      OK, I was just watching “Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee” on the Food Network. She was making something with apples & when she chopped them, she placed them in a bowl that was 50% water & 50% Lemon-Lime Soda! She said that will also keep them from turning brown & it adds some flavor.

      Now, I’m sure no one would want to do this all the time because of all the sugar in the soda, but I thought it was kind of neat! (And I remembered this thread, so I thought I’d post! 🙂

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      Might have to try the lemon lime soda idea. Not sure if it would work with diet lemon lime since I don’t want the added sugar, even if it’s just a little…lol

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      I use just lemon juice, the water might have diluted it too much.

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      I often take an apple to work. I use the tool that you can core and slice the apple. I don’t push it all the way to the bottom.

      I leave just a bit at the bottom not sliced. Then you push your thumb on the core part of the apple and pull the tool back up and put the whole apple intact in a baggie and it holds together and stays fresh. The apple slices actually kinda stick together from the moisture in the apple.
      It kinda looks cool when you take it out of the baggie you can spread it out .

      This works well for kids lunches too they all think it looks cool


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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes F.A.Q How much lemon juice?