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      I put an end to gift exchange with friends years ago, it was getting

      to crazy! But I think I’m going to start what my mom suggested.

      Have a friends Christmas gathering dinner. All we really want to do

      is spend time with each other so I plan to start doing this!

      Christmase theme and if you’re to broke to suppy dinner, make it a

      potluck…the important thing is that you are enjoying each others


      — In, “herberkids3”



      > what I spend usually depends on the person, and whether I have


      > money to spend. In August, I have 1 nephew, and 2 neice birthdays,

      > plus we had a brand new baby born in the middle of July. Anyway,


      > those 4 children, I got:


      > 1 Disney Princess “Perfume” bottle collection, on clearance for

      > $4.99, then marked 50% off that- so $2.49. This is for 1 neice.


      > 2 Wiggles DVD’s from Big Lots for $4.00 each, plus 1 Disney

      > Popscicle maker and a set of Thomas the Train wall stickers both

      > from Dollar Tree for my nephew, so $10 on him.


      > 1 Disney Princess “lava lamp” nightlight on clearance for $2.50 at

      > an outlet shop, and a Bratz mini handheld electronic game on

      > clearance for $5 at the same store for another neice.


      > For the brand new neice, I found an adorable outfit on clearance at

      > Kohls for $2 for summer next year, and a mini-carebear on clearance

      > for $3 at n outlet store.



      > That’s about average for what I spend on kids- around $10 at most.


      > try not to buy cheap stuff, though, just items that are cheaper


      > they normally are. By that, I mean I’m not going to go to Big Lots

      > and grab the toys that fall apart after 1 use, I’d rather spend the

      > money on the stuff that’s made with quality parts and what not. I

      > just make sure to hit clearance racks often.



      > For Christmas this year, I already have 1 blanket for all 3 of my

      > children, made from soft fuzzy material (not fleece, softer, and it

      > doesn’t get yucky like fleece does, can’t think what it’s called),

      > as well as a pre-school “mp3” player. It has this huge cartridge


      > slide into it, and huge headphones- on clearance for $5.80 today.

      > The blankets were each $6 at Big Lots last month. A bit early, but

      > by Christmas, they won’t be there, and I had my pick of colors- red

      > for my son, deep purple for my daughter, and bright pink for my

      > younger daughter. The headset is for her, as well, because she


      > listening to music.


      > For adults, we all have sort of a rule (outside of parents)- don’t

      > buy for me, and I won’t buy for you. None of us can afford it, so


      > most, we exchange cards. With parents, we always get them gifts

      > anyway, and they do the same. But siblings and friends… well, we

      > wish each other well, and focus on being able to pay bills and

      > stuff, instead of finding some cheap item the person won’t want

      > anyway. 😉


      > — In, Ria wrote:

      > >

      > > What do you typically spend a year on gifts, for how

      > > many people, occasions, etc….and what is that in

      > > relation to your income (percentage of)?

      > >

      > >

      > >

      > >

      > >

      > >



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      > > Got a little couch potato?

      > > Check out fun summer activities for kids.

      > >

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