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      If you cant get rid of monthly bills like cable and internet at least pare it

      down to the basics unless you need it for an at home job. I got rid of my phone

      bill which cost me around 85 a month for magic jack since I already had cable

      internet. My cable is just the basic package without any boxes to keep movie

      rentals down. Now I only get movies from the library for free including new


      We are good drivers so our car insurance is only 60 dollars a month with no

      extras like towing. I carry a cell phone with my husband as part of a package

      and we have the towing auto package for 4.00 dollars a month instead of triple A

      since it was cheaper and I have a 97 van and he drives a 72 p/u. We have no car

      payments cause I hate them. All our utilities a month are just under 400 and our

      mortgage is 925. We might go out to eat twice a month and thats like to

      mcdonalds or something cheap to get out of the eating at home rut but mostly eat

      at home. My husband works for cargil and we pay for insurance, and retirement

      and he has stock options that he contributes to all that they match on.

      We freecycle for just about anything and garage sale shop for our two kids

      clothing and thrift store shop for their clothing also. My husband fixes

      anything that breaks so that helps and works on our vehicles himself. We

      homeschool also which saves a ton since we dont have fundraisers and school

      whatevers to give for whatever they are doing at the moment. We buy all our meat

      from my husbands job since they manufacture turkey and shop mostly at sams but

      only stuff that will save us on stuff we mostly use. I try not to step foot into

      walmart and if I have to my kids dont come. We shop after christmas for toys for

      birthdays and christmas for next year. My kids are definitely not spoiled but

      have the finer things because we watch for the deals. we have been blessed

      through freecycle which is a great place to get stuff that you need and get rid

      of stuff you no longer need too. We have gotten a trampoline with the full

      enclosure, big deep freeze, complete twin

      bed, and so much more stuff that we were looking for that we didnt have to pay

      a cent. It can be done I think of all the money that we wasted before and we

      dont have credit cards now at all. Donna

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List How Ive saved money and monthly savings (long)