How I lost 80 lbs

Weight Loss on a Budget Diet Plans How I lost 80 lbs

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      Hey everyone. I’m new on here and have spent the better part of this morning looking through archives. I came across this section of the site and thought I would throw out there what worked for me when I lost weight.

      In 2008 I saw a picture of myself that was a real slap in the face. I knew I had gained a lot of weight, but I didn’t realize just how much (we didn’t own a scale at home). I was never overweight before I had kids (and my metabolism slowed down).

      Back in 2008 I also had been going through a depression that led me to eat fast food about 5 times a week (sometimes 2X a day).

      At that point I was 220 lbs and a size 18 (I think…was wearing all elastic waistbands then. I do know that I was larger than a 16).

      At first I tried many different diets and exercise programs. I would do well for a week or two and then fall back into my old habits. It was a constant struggle. My weight did start to come down slowly, but it felt like it was taking forever!

      I can’t tell you how many times I gave up. But, I never gave up completely and I’m happy for that.

      Eventually I kicked the whole dieting thing. My husband and I began preparing whole food meals (ie. nothing processed).

      The only processed foods we ate were bread, cereal, and occasionally we would have pasta. Everything else was pure food, with nothing added. If I ate something unhealthy it was a treat…I did this maybe two or three times a month.

      This was around 2010.

      Let me tell you, after a few months the weight began to come off at a more steady pace. Eventually I reached the half way mark. Then I hit a plateau at 180 lbs.

      I would bounce between 180 and 185 but wouldn’t go below 180 at all! I was convinced that I was stuck at this weight.

      Then, last year (2012) I discovered I had a gluten allergy. I had been sick for weeks before the doctors figured it out. Immediately I cut out all products that contained wheat…ie.

      what few processed foods I ate regularly. Wow…what a difference!

      I immediately began to lose the weight again. This time, however, it actually melted off. It was late September that I found out I was allergic to gluten.

      By March I had reached my goal of 140 lbs.

      Since then my diet has been the same and my weight has stayed between 139 and 148 lbs (depending on the time of the month). I eat healthy whole foods with the occasional unhealthy snack every now and then (gluten free of course).

      Someone told me that my body was holding onto the fat as a way of filtering out the toxic gluten (toxic for those with the allergy anyway). After I wasn’t eating it anymore, my body began to empty out those fat cells since it no longer needed such a filter. Yes, this is an amazingly simple way of putting it but it’s how I understand what happened.

      Now, cutting out gluten isn’t a guaranteed way to lose weight. My point in all of this is that a healthy diet is probably your best bet. It’s been my experience that if eating healthy and an active lifestyle (walk the dogs, go hiking with the kids, swimming, etc) don’t help then perhaps there is something else causing you to hold onto the fat.

      I believe that if I didn’t have the gluten allergy then I would’ve lost the weight much sooner due to the lifestyle I had adopted.

      BTW…if you’re curious…

      Starting Weight: 220 lbs
      Starting dress size: 18 (?)
      End Weight: 140 lbs
      End dress size: 4/6 (depending on time of

      Total weight loss: 80 lbs!!!

      don’t give up! you can lose the weight! the more healthy methods you choose the better your results will be.

      do not starve yourself, this will only cause your body to hold onto the fat. make sure your calories are above 1200 but below 2000 and you’ll be fine (it’s not hard to stay in that range once you’re used to it). do not go below 1200 CALORIES!

      Your body will think that it’s starving and begin to hold onto that nasty fat. The weight you lose will be muscle and that’s not pretty.

      A good way to look at it is for your health to be your main goal with the weight loss as a nice side-effect. It actually helps your mindset to do this…

      Anyway, sorry this is so long. I just have a lot to say and really wanted to share my experience with you guys. I hope that it helps someone out there!


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      Fantastic encouraging story. Good for you!

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      Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! I’m in the middle of losing weight too, using the paleo diet, mostly. I’ve found that by giving up white flour and sugar, Its made a really big difference in my energy levels.

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      Congratulations! ! What a great accomplishment.

      Thank you for sharing.

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      Thanks for sharing your experience! I am battling my weight at over 1oo lbs above my wanna be weight. I am constantly challenged with disabilities and limitation on what I can eat, first for my allergies, then kidney disease, and now I find out my auto-immune system does its own thing.

      Adding in mobility issues is just one more frustration.

      I already know I am sensitive to wheat products. I always have congestion, sneezing and upper respiratory every time I eat a pb&j (and I love pb&j) but i never considered that the gluten could be causing the weight issue.

      my hubbie and i have already discussed becoming vegan, switching to juicing, and everything else that may or may not work for us (he is weight challenged too). we discussed the ideas with my pc and he suggested we try the changes. i am going to incorporate the removal of all gluten from my diet with the changes.

      thanks for posting! i feel encouraged and i am going to keep this post as a favorite so when i want to give up i can come back.

      my beginning weight is 290
      my desired weight…
      well we’ll leave it at I am going to be happy with everything below where I am at now.
      And my changes begin today!

      Thanks again

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      Great story, I have been thinking about checking to see if I have this same allergy. After reading I am going to talk to my doctor more about it.

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Weight Loss on a Budget Diet Plans How I lost 80 lbs