how does everyone make out their Food list when you go shopping?

Stuff I’d Like to See General how does everyone make out their Food list when you go shopping?

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      By store isle
      just a list

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      I just write down what we need.

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      Same here because if I don’t I always forget what I need.

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      I’m good for forgetting the list, even though I made one. I’ve made list to go to yard sales, house hunting(on hold for now) and bath and body. I remember those yet forget groc list.

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      I like to write my list on colored post it notes. Designating certain colors for dairy, veggies, meat etc.

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      I keep a running list near the computer and when I’m getting ready to go grocery shopping I snap a Photo of the list, just in case I leave it Setting on the desk, lol.

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      That’s a great idea FreebieQueen!!

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      I use an iPhone app called “Buy me a pie”. The latest version costs just a few dollars ($2.99 or $3.99) and allows you to make up to 20 different lists. You add items to your list (and color code them if you want to) and as you are shopping, when you pick up an item, just tap the item on your list and it marks it off.

      If you make a mistake, you can retrieve that item. I tend to sometimes click the wrong thing.

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      I make a menu and then a list that way I get what I need to make for what I cooking .

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      I have a magnitized notepad on my fridge door. I make my list there as needed, then rip off the page when I’m ready to leave to go shopping.

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      I make a hand-written list, but often end up buying more than what I had written down! 🙂

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      I usually use notepad on my android phone. There is a word doc with a pre-made list.

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      First I see what is missing and then I might add something I have been craving, lol!

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      I have been writing a list as we run out, go thru cupboards, pantry, etc., then I go thru coupons/offers/sale papers, list those by brand, sze.,price, etc. (based on coupon), then different products go on different lists according to store, then if I get real ambitious, I will organize it by store aisle. But it’s been a long time since I’ve been that organized-I often forget coupons and lists, and end up buying more than I intended:(.

      I think what I’ll do from now on is set aside a couple days a week to go thru my routine, because I don’t like overspending, I just need to find time to prepare for it!!

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      I keep a notepad on the refrigerator and write down things as I need them. I will also use the note app on my phone if I am out and remember I need to pick up something.

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      I just write things down I need then I go over it again to see if it is something we really need.

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      I think I might need to start doing that. I always wait till the last minute and I always forget something important. 🙂

      @cabinfever 527199 wrote:

      I have a magnitized notepad on my fridge door. I make my list there as needed, then rip off the page when I’m ready to leave to go shopping.

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      I try to jot down on a list, but often forget it. I know that there are people who meal plan and then write their list. It just seems very overwhelming to me.

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      Regretfully, I am more haphazard than this, but this is what my Mom did and it worked well. She planned a week of menus – including breakfast and lunch as well as dinner when we were small. There were 4 of us in seven years.
      Anyway, she’d plan the menus and then check for ingredients, adding things she needed to buy.

      She stuck to the list and saved a lot of money that way.

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      I always keep a list on the fridge..and white down what I’m out of or almost out of..But sometimes I’m in a hurry getting out the door..I forget the list lol..I have to call home and have someone read what’s on the list.

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      I have lists on my cell phone based on the store I will be going too. Plus one additional list for things that can be obtained at any of the stores. The stores I frequent most are easy enough for me to create the list by the location.

      It’s not the isle I use but just the way I tend to move through the particular store. My other lists for things at stores I don’t go to as often are not normally many items so it doesn’t mater how they end up on the lists.

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      I keep a piece of paper taped to the fridge and when my husband or I notice we’ve run out of something, or about to, then we write it down. Then, before I actually shop, I run a few menus through my head and make sure I have (or will buy) all ingredients needed. It’s not foolproof but it helps.

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      Frugal Mom

      I use Mastercook to search for recipes and make up my grocery lists. I check the newspaper ads to see what’s on sale and then search for recipes using sale items. I then add the recipe ingredients to my shopping list using Mastercook. I then check off the groceries I need and then copy and paste the list to my iPhone.

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      If I don’t have my list I don’t remember much of anything on it. Then I tend to over spent too.

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      Frugal Mom

      It pays to stick to your list unless you find and absolutely outstanding deal. Stock up if you have the cash. Usually you can find the “loss leaders” listed in the grocery ads.

      I always try to stock up on the “loss leaders.” This week, for example, my local grocery store has whole chickens for 88 cents a pound and London Broil for $3.99 a pound. I will try to select recipes that use either item.

      Also, I chop up my own beef for meatloaf, etc. so I will buy 9 to 10 pounds of London Broil. London Broil makes a very lean meatloaf or meatballs.

      I’ll stew the chicken and then turn the chicken into several meals such as creamed chicken over biscuits, chicken and noodles or chicken pot pie. I can then use the chicken carcass to make chicken broth for chicken noodle soup.

      I also type up weekly menus and post them to the frig door. I’m getting old and forgetful so this helps me remember what I ate when. If I have leftover rice, I will know when I originally served it and when I need to use it up before the rice is bad.

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      I usually make a list of daily food as various vegetables, some meat, eggs, milk, fishes. At special occasion, i will prepare a high-light list

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      Make a list beforehand…’d need a few days to get everything on that list. So, start early.

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      I only go shopping once a month to every 3 months or so. I keep a list on the fridge so everyone can write down things we need to get. I have some items that we have to get from the Natural Grocers in Kansas City.

      Any time someone is going to KC we make them a list from the list on the fridge so we don’t have to make special trips for those things. So just a list. Having the running master list on the fridge makes it so we don’t forget anything.

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Stuff I’d Like to See General how does everyone make out their Food list when you go shopping?