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      Does anyone have any way to get rid of blisters? I have one on my index finger and one on my middle finger. I have been putting on labels and everytime I do I get them on my fingers.

      They don’t hurt but they bug me.


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      Blisters are your bodies reaction to trauma, generally heat.

      In this case I would say you are having an allergic reaction to the glue on the labels. I get this from bandaids, stick on medication patches etc. Apparently some glues have latex.

      ***important: are the labels latex, does the glue have latex? if so its nothing to play around with. a latex allergy can go from nothing much to not being able to breathe.

      i didn;t realize i was having an allergic reaction to latex, later i went in to respiratory failure – not fun.

      contact allergy. does it itch? if so its a hive – the drs say leave it alone.

      but like you they bug me, i use a clean needle and pop it from the side. make sure you clean up real well the clear liquid from a hive makes me itch, while one from a reg blister does not. this seems to heal up faster.

      you may have to wear non latex surgical gloves for working with labels usually you can peel etc stuff with them but it is a royal pitb


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      If the blister is not painful or obtrusive, give it a chance to heal on its own. The serum inside the blister works to pad and protect the injured skin. Cover the blister with a gauze bandage to protect it.

      The blister will eventually heal by itself, the fluid will be reabsorbed and the skin will return to its normal state. If the blister ‘pops’ or breaks, wash the area with soapy water, and apply a bandage to protect it while it heals.

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      Thanks lacies. They aren’t painful but they bug me. They go away in a few days and then I get stuck labelling again.

      Now that you mention it Ria, I have noticed one time when I had a bandage on my leg for a blister, I developed a few in the area where the bandage was.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Health & Home Remedies How do you get rid of blisters?