How do I get out of this mess??

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      As with anythng check your options-don’t call yelling at customer

      service but calmly explain that you need to change or “CANCEL”

      services. If you cancelled and paid the 200 early cancel fee it

      sounds like you will still win in the long run. They never tell you

      about the contracts when selling you something only when you

      threaten to leave. You could pay the fee then go to a carrier

      without a cancellation fee…usually your cable providers (Comcast,

      time warner, WOW) some of those. If after explaining your situation

      and then if you have no resolution, cancel – What do you have to

      lose except saving over $200 a month is services you can’t use!!

      Good luck…

      — In, “maria”



      > Last month my phone bill was over 300 dollars! This month it isn’t


      > better at past 200 dollars! I have been trapped up in what I


      > were great deals, I ordered a cell phone throu the phone company


      > the lease being for a year,the plan for 30 something dollars per

      > month. Then when I moved I was told that in order to transfer my

      > sevices I needed to upgrade my internet to dsl,well i thought this

      > wasn’t right but went ahead and did,thinking i can cancel when i


      > here,but they also said i agreed to a yearly contract and could


      > cancel it. i have both dial up and dsl billed on my bill,i can’t


      > the dsl because my tower isn’t made to hook up to dsl and i have


      > buy a ethernet port sepratly to use it! they told me it would be


      > expensive to cancel both the cell phone and the dsl becaue i would

      > have to pay for them anyways,then to keep the services! i don’t


      > use the darn cell phone!! what do i do?i got stuck in the offers

      > thinking i was saving money,but as i came to find out,it was all


      > advertizing and i was thinking of canceling all services and

      trying to

      > find another telephone provider,but i think thats not the right

      way to

      > go.what do u all think? i can’t afford these high phone bills!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List How do I get out of this mess??