How do I get out of this mess??

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      >>>Call customer service and explain it all to them. That you feel that you
      are being ripped off.
      If they don’t fix it, then I would surely call another phone co. and just
      start over.
      Good luck!
      Please be aware that if you are under a contract (one year or whatever) this would not solve your problem because you will still owe the whole amount for the term of the contract (or whatever their cancellation penalty is if they have one).

      If you just cancel and don’t pay them it will go to collections. Legal assistance is probably your best bet. Also, I couldn’t tell from your email, but if your dial-up and your dsl are both coming from the same company then you shouldn’t have any problem getting your dial-up cancelled since the dsl is an upgrade on the same service.

      however, if they are with two different companies then that would not work.
      if you are not using the cell phone anyway, you should be able to switch to the lowest cost plan they offer without penalty (this may differ by state). you will still have to pay for the phone, but your bill will be much lower. we looked at this when my dh was laid off.

      it would have cost a fortune to cancel our cell phone service–plus it was the number dh used for business contacts which is very important when job hunting–but we could lower our plan to the least number of minutes they offer which would have saved up over half on our bill. fortunately he found a new job about the same time his severance ended, so we never did have to change it, but it was good to know that it was an option. also, when you call customer service, always ask to speak to a supervisor if you are not getting the answer you want.usually the person answering the call cannot do anything that is not explicity
      spelled out in the company’s policies, but the supervisors often have much more leeway.

      (this is especially true with health insurance!!!!) a final suggestion would be to contact the better business bureau. they can help resolve issues like this. good luck, kristin

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List How do I get out of this mess??