How did I fall into this again?

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      So, I just checked my bank statement, in the past two days we’ve spent 50 dollars on fast food!!!… I am so mad at myself for doing that! We could have bought groceries for a week on that money :-/ marionette smilie

      I think my problem is I just don’t know what to buy, as stupid as it sounds. It just seems like food is so expensive and I get overwhelmed so easily walking into a grocery store.

      I’m cooking for my boyfriend and myself, it’s just us two here. Does anyone have some simple dinner ideas? Can someone just TELL me what to go buy?

      lol I always get home with groceries and think “well I don’t even know what to make”….I dont know

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      What do you like? Sit down together and jot down some meal ideas that sound good. Once you have an idea of what kinds of things you feel like eating, add a couple alternative menu choices. The reason for this is- at some point during the week, you’ll look at your menu and see what you have listed for dinner and then say to yourself, I’m not in the mood for that. That’s where the alternative comes in- this will help keep you from opting for takeout instead of cooking.

      Here are a number of various Menu Plans that members have submitted:

      Weekly Menu Plans

      Here’s a link for a free weekly meal planner.

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      I started by picking some recipes and then buying the food needed to make them. It works for the spices too. After awhile I got good enough for a small chest freezer so that I could buy a little more and store some — properly sealed and protected from freezer burn — and I learned to re-package things into serving size portions so I’m not intimidated by a large package.

      I even learned to precook many things: rice, chicken, leftovers, so that future meals in a rush would be simple.

      Take it one day at a time and it will come together in time.

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      Thank you for your replies csmile1  smilie

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives General Budget & Finance How did I fall into this again?