How can I feed a family of 5 on $300 budget?

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      Sounds like you work hard to round out your families meals, how about some recipes? and just what is Yorkshire pudding?

      Carrie wrote: Something that is really helping my budget is beans. They are very healthy and filling. I make baked beans, vegetarian chili, refried beans for meatless tacos and rice and beans.

      I use lentils to make soups.
      As often as I can I make my own breads and rolls. I try and fill out a meal by having bread with it. For spaghetti I make my own french loaves and turn them into garlic bread.

      I make yorkshire pudding whenever I cook anything in the oven (not just beef).
      I find frozen vegetables taste much better than canned and are a very good price. I steam them in the microwave and they come out similar to fresh. I often have extra raw carrots and homemade dip to fill out a meal.

      are always a good price.
      To stretch meats I make a lot of casseroles and meat pies. Something like a stroganoff with lots of noodles and a side of vegetables stretches a small amout of meat a long way. Soups made from leftover chicken or beef and lots of vegetables is another way to stretch meat.

      I try and buy my meat on sale. When it is on sale I will stock up and freeze it.
      I do not buy too many package foods. I do not buy individual puddings, fruit snacks, cheese strings or baggies of chips.

      Lunches are sandwiches, soups, salads, macaroni and cheese, cheese and crackers and fruit. I rarely buy cookies. I often buy cake mixes on sale and make plain cakes without icing for lunch snacks.

      I very seldom buy chips, we make a lot of popcorn for a crunchy snack (made in a pot, not microwave).

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List How can I feed a family of 5 on $300 budget?