How can I feed a family of 5 on $300 budget?

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      I feed a family of 5 on about that, sometimes less. Now that the

      kids are growing, it’s getting harder to do. We have a pre-teen, and

      two elementry school kids here, so it’s getting tough!

      Anyway, here’s what we do:

      Eat less carbs, and more proteins- they keep you full longer, so you

      ae less likely to want to eat again an hour later, or to eat more at

      each meal.

      Shop loss leaders- the cheap sale items that fill the ad’s each

      week. Plan your meals around what you can get cheapest. Only buy

      meats that are on sale, and buy enough for several meals. Stick some

      in the freezer, and use some up quickly. Do this each week to have a

      nice variety of meats on hand.

      Make filling meals with cheap items- casseroles are great for this.

      Add a meat, a cheese, a carb, and a veggie or two, and you have a

      tasty casserole that feeds the family with some left overs.

      Clip and use coupons. If you eat spaghetti once a week, and a jar of

      sauce costs $2 normally, let’s say it goes on sale for $1.50, and

      you have a coupon for $.50 off. Suddenly, you saved 50% so you can

      afford to get 2 jars at the same cost. Even better if your store

      doubles coupons- you can get 4 jars for the same cost.

      Stock up on items that you eat more often when it’s cheaper, to

      avoid paying more the next week. If you know you eat canned veggies

      3 times a week, and this week they are on sale 4/$1 instead of 3/$1,

      spend $.50 more to cover an extra week of veggies.

      Another thing- if it’s fresh, it’s better for you! Start shopping

      farmers markets, and getting fresh items at the store. It’s

      healthier, and can often be pretty cheap!

      Make fillers & side dishes up that are inexpensive when you lack the

      extra money for expensive meats and what not for main dishes.

      Buy generic, but don’t assume generic will always be cheaper. Items

      on sale are often the same price or cheaper than generic. Add a

      coupon, and it’s a lot cheaper than generic.

      don’t be a slave to a brand name. try the generics if it is cheaper.

      more often than not, generic tastes exactly the same (or sometimes

      even better!) than the brand names.

      lastly- plant a garden. even if it’s a few tomato plants, and a few

      stalks of corn. the seeds are much cheaper than the end product, so

      you’ll have a lot of “free” food once it starts to grow in.

      — in, “mkroom4trble”



      > Can anyone suggest on how I can manage this? I have 300 to spend


      > grocery every month but I can’t seem to make it last. Thanks.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List How can I feed a family of 5 on $300 budget?