How can I feed a family of 5 on $300 budget?

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      freeze the spotted bananas and make smoothies or banana bread.

      salmon suggestions

      here are some more recipes:

      salmon mousse

      1 (16 oz.) can red salmon, drain and remove skin and bones
      8 oz. cream cheese
      4 tbsp. ReaLemon juice or juice squeezed from 1 1/2 lemons
      Pepper to taste
      6 oz.

      sour cream

      Mix all ingredients except sour cream in food processor until smooth. Pour into low bowl. Flatten.

      Cover with sour cream. Garnish with parsley. Chill before serving.

      Serve with unsalted crackers. The mousse can be made the night before, if you add the sour cream shortly before serving.

      Salmon Salad

      1 can red salmon
      Head of cauliflower, chopped into chunks and steamed( or sub 6 to 8 potatoes instead)
      2 stalks celery
      1/2 cup onion
      1 cup lettuce chopped
      salt and pepper to taste
      1/2 tsp celery salt
      1- 1/2 cups mayonnaise ( maybe a little more if you like it creamier)

      In a medium size bowl put the cooked chopped cauliflower in then add the
      celery, onion and lettuce all chopped. Take the salmon and pick all
      the bones out and crumbled it on top of the other ingredients then
      sprinkle with salt, pepper and the celery salt. Mix in the mayo and
      let refrigerate for at least and hour so the flavors can blend.

      >>>>another salmon salad recipe<<<<

      1 package of organic green salad mixings or romaine lettuce chopped

      1 salmon filet (sometimes I use the already cooked, in which case I
      use a spicy one – smoked, peppered, blackened, or Cajun) or any type
      of fish filet already cooked or cooked chicken or, if you eat pork
      use that or if you eat shrimp or crab or lobster or scallops – cut or

      4-5 boiled eggs (sometimes I chop, sometimes I use the food processor)

      4-8 oz of cheese (sometimes I use feta, other times I use a spicy
      cheese – if I don’t have any spicy kosher cheese I’ll take whatever
      cheese I have, crumble it and mix it with Cajun spices or blackened
      spices, or some cayenne pepper) – I have also used large curd cottage
      cheese/drained which I had mixed dried veggie soup and let
      it “marinate” overnight before adding

      1 can black pitted olives

      1 can chickpeas, rinsed and drained (if I’m out of chickpeas, I use 1
      can of black beans, rinsed and drained)

      In addition, I sometimes add, either together or not:

      Artichoke hearts, and/or
      Hearts of palm, and/or
      red/yellow/green peppers, grilled or fresh chopped
      sun dried tomatoes in oil
      red peppers in oil
      fresh Avocado, sliced.
      Interesting pasta
      Fresh tomatoes

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List How can I feed a family of 5 on $300 budget?