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      My DH took down some awful outdated border from our bathroom and it took off some of the layers of paint and such underneath. That with the other patch jobs and slight damages to the old wall will be super visible if I just paint.

      Does anyone have any idea of maybe a paint technique or something I can do to make the imperfections less noticeable?

      We rent but our land lord let’s us do what ever we want. Within reason of course 😉

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      Faux Painting is a great way to cover up those unsitely areas.

      Here is a link to a site that gives you step by step instructions:
      Faux Painting Techniques and  Faux Finishes: How To

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      Sometimes kilz, a very thick primer, can cover those areas and help even it out. You can also sand over the rough patches after the kilz is applied. Kilz is available at hardware stores.

      Masterchem Industries, Inc. – kilz primer faqs

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      Just skim coat it .. some drywall mud, a 5-6 inch drywall knife, some rags (old towel, guys underwear etc), small bucket of water

      Spread on mud (think icing), get it as smooth as possible .. This is a skim coat so not thick ..you can always add another layer if needed ..

      Once its dry, scrape off any high points. Any grooves? If so go ahead and do another thin coat

      if dry you need to wet sand – dampen the rags wipe the wall, use like sandpaper. don’t push hard or you will put marks on wall. check wall again, add another quick skim if needed

      never never put old mud back in the container (it puts clumps and blobs – makes a mess)

      keep sides of mud container clean (dry flakes dropping in mud makes a mess)

      always use a clean knife, and dry it.

      never leave it in water (i could scream at son & dil they left one of mine in water and it’s all rusty grrr)


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      Thanks so much for all of your great ideas! You have inspired me to tackle this project and made me feel confidant that I can do it on my budget!

      What I’ve decided to try is…
      1) lightly sand down the imperfections
      2) add a paint texture I found at ACE for about $4! Homax Products – Texture – Paint ‘n Tex
      3) mix it with my paint I bought at the Habitat for Humanity resale store for $1.50 and paint!

      I hope to attempt this this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes! Maybe I can post some pictures.

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      Let us know how your project turns out! Good luck.


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      :041: I never did update! It turned out great!
      The walls have a kind of sand texture and you can see any of the imperfections.
      It was super easy and cheap!

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      Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man! Congrats on your successful project and your marriage!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Home Improvement / Decor How can I camouflage a damaged wall cheaply?