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      I’m including N. CA to your list of “don’t move” areas. We lived 20 min N of SF in Pleasant Hill renting a 3 bdrm, 1 bath, no central heat and no AC, 55 y/o home for $1450.

      I was making $22/hr as a transcriptionist and my DH was at $15/hr with Great Clips. But with $800/month on childcare, almost $400/month auto insurance…and the “dot-com crash” (I had finished an aa in graphic design and he finished an ba in the same, we escaped to my home town of san antonio texas. today, 5 years later, we are renting a 2 y/o 2 story 3/2/2 corner lot with central everything for $950, paying $150 for afterschool care, $133 for the same 2 vehicles, and I’m making $18/hr as a transcriptionist and my DH is now in a graphic design position at $14/hr (he was making about $18/hr as a pt barber).

      location, location, location btw, my parents purchased their 30 year old 2 story 4/2.5/2 approx 1800sq
      ft home for $64,000 and they own a $550/month 2/1/2 townhome (mortgage on rental $300/month). Do your research!!! Catherine

      Ahhh…imagining that irresistible “new car” smell?
      Check out

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