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      Then don’t move to S. ca or ny.(main city)

      average home in la can cost 400,000 +

      Remember ,costs of living and wages are
      different too, depending on area

      I have never known rent to be that low, unless
      I was like 7yrs old

      Otherwise, 2bdroom to rent can be $
      1,400.00 –that’s how much it was when we moved and that was an

      -my bro in law just moved and he was happy
      to find a 4bdrm to rent for $1600.00 in a Cruddy area(gangs and schools aren’t
      soo good)

      I wouldn’t live there at all.—he
      was better off in the mobile home he was at.

      Anyhow, $$ can be dependent om many


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