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      I did some of that in college. You’re right. It’s a tough shift, plus studying and driving.

      Money was good for a person putting herself through school. Herlean

      Carole Scandrol wrote: I worked the graveyard shift for four years whn our kids were little, and hubby put them to bed. I worked 9PM to 5AM 5 days a week. It’s much betterthan paying a babysitter, but I must tell you, you have no idea what TIRED isuntil you’ve done that for a while!

      I got home at 6AM, changed clothes and had to get the kids up for school. The older one (age 7) caught the school bus, but I then had to drive the younger one (age 5) to pre kindergarden. It was only
      1/2 a day, so by the time I got back home, I got all of an hour and a half sleep before I had to go pick him up.

      I felt fine, but if we went to a movie, I simply couldn’t keep my eyes open. I mean COULDN’T! I actually would try to hold my eyelids open with my fingers, but the darkness in the theater was just too much!

      I even fell asleep at a traffic light on the way home from work a few mornings. Working the graveyard shift works greatfrom the $$ side, but it’s very difficult to manage on 3 to 4 hours sleep a night! Carole

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