Housing Costs

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      Kathy wrote:
      “That is so right! The last time my husband looked at rates the calculator
      said we could afford a home of $180,000. My jaw dropped!

      We could not
      possibly afford to do that and expect to put healthy food on the table.”

      Kathy, at least you (and many others) are able to realize that just because
      someone says we can afford it does not mean that it is actually “doable”.
      Too many people get themselves into a huge house payment and then can’t keep
      up the house — literally.

      My grandmother and I were just talking about this subject this morning. I’m
      watching some of my neighbors move into these houses and then the house
      starts needing repairs and they can’t afford them. What was a great
      investment turns into a falling apart house that can’t get the re-sale value
      because the homeowners can’t “actually” afford the house to begin with!

      is a vicious cycle!

      What upsets me the most is watching young adults, with no homeowning
      experience, qualify for the huge mortgages, get themselves into a house, and
      only then realize what a huge responsibility it is to own a home. it is sad
      that we don’t have more classes or mentors for first time homeowners!!

      guess i got to rambling here — sorry!!

      michelle in de

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