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      where do you live in wi? my husband is from pepin, which is a tourist

      city, very much so!!! the “rich and elite” people from minneapolis

      flock to pepin to buy up properties , thus raising the property value

      and cost sky high. it is gorgeous in pepin, even making

      fodor’s “scenic route” books. my hubsnad and i would love to move to

      pepin to be close to his family, but we cannot afford it. we would

      have to buy a small house in a neighboring town or even in buffalo

      co, vs pepin. then you have the high taxes in wi. my inlaws own two

      homes in pepin. they remodeled one in town and are trying to sell

      their custom built home because it has too much property . as well

      the home on the outskirts that they are selling, is what they plan on

      retiring on. my father in law has own his own construction business

      all his life, so he has always had to pay out of pocket for insurance

      and such. we would love to buy the house they are selling as my

      husband grew up in that house. however the taxes on the $250K house

      would eat us alive. It would be approx $350.00 more a month just in

      taxes added to an already steep house note. so, we will just remain

      in our home in tn where we are debt free except for our small

      mortgage of $536.00 and add on. Paying for the addition after saving

      for the next 2 years, all our overflow cash and tax refunds. Since I

      became a sahm 5 years ago, and haveing 3 small children still at home

      (2 grown children have moved out and on their own) We hope that after

      we make the addition, and then put house up for sale, we can walk

      away with $150K cleared. Then borrow another $100 and build our dream

      home in wi. or even neighboring mn (such as wabasha )


      — in Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, Jaimie Hering



      > I read about all of your housing costs and have no idea how you all

      make it. I live in Wisconsin and our morgage is $232.00 a month, gas

      is approx. 100.00 a month and so is the electric.

      > I am a stay at home mom and my husband works at a glass plant. We

      live in a rural area just north of a tourist city.

      > There is no way we could afford to live elsewhere.


      > Renting a home ( 2 bed. 1 bath) in this area is right around 350-

      400 with everything included.


      > My neice lives in a city – Rockford, Ill. and pays over $1000.00

      a month for a one bedroom apartment plus everything else….and she

      just barely makes it. I have told her over and over…if you cant

      afford to live there, then there are places where you can live pretty

      cheap, just not in the city.


      > And trust me, its hard to make it on one income even where we

      live! *smiles* I give you all credit because if we didnt have such

      cheap resources here then we would never make it, we live paycheck to

      paycheck most times.




      > Ahhh…imagining that irresistible “new car” smell?

      > Check out

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