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      You must live close to me Tina. i live in Virginia Beach, a few miles

      from the NC state line & the housing costs sound about the same. I know

      I couldn’t afford to rent the house we own. Like I said before, our

      mortgage is $1000 & my house would rent for about $1800. That’s for an

      average middle class house, 2 stories, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths,

      kitcen,living room, dining room, family room & 1 car garage (about

      1900sft.) A very young girl I work with, lives in a slum area of

      Norfolk & pays almost $700 for a tiny studio apartment in a very bad

      neighborhood. It’s ridiculas! Now if our pay would go up as the cost of

      housing/living, then it wouldn’t be so bad but it doesn’t.



      > I live in ne nc near the va state line. the average rent out here is

      about 800 a month for a very bad area and about 2250 a month for one of

      the nicer places. I happened to luck out and a friend of mine is

      taking care of her mother who is very sick and they are renting me

      their house for 700 a month in a nice very nice area and if they decide

      that they want the house back after her mom passes then I can rent her

      mom’s house for the same price. both houses are larger than my 1700 sq

      foot house now.

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