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      VELVEETA Game Day House Party
      sponsored by Kraft
      Sunday February 1, 2009

      Cheer your team to victory when you bring all your family and friends together for a lip-smacking night of savoring VELVEETA’s big cheesy flavor and the nail-biting excitement of pro football’s best game! No matter who wins, everyone will agree that VELVEETA scores big time in pleasing the whole crowd. So host a VELVEETA Game Day House Party for a fun filled night of great tastes, great recipes, and lots of great gifts for all!

      VELVEETA is a registered trademark of Kraft Foods

      Ziploc® Home Organization House Party
      sponsored by SC Johnson
      February 7, 2009
      Become your own home organization expert, with a little help from Ziploc® Brand Bags and Containers. Conquer the clutter and feel great about your new organized home! This winter, gather your friends and have fun sharing creative solutions for organizing spaces in and around your home. Host a Ziploc® Home Organization House Party and receive great tips, resources and products to help you and your friends become do-it-yourself organization experts, compliments of Ziploc®.

      TrueNorth™ Oscars® House Party
      sponsored by TrueNorth™
      February 22nd: TrueNorth™ Rolls out the Red Carpet
      Roll out the red carpet and invite your friends over to enjoy a night of TrueNorth™ nut snacks and the Academy Awards®. On February 22nd, experience how a nut was transformed into an extraordinary all natural new snack while enjoying an evening with your friends watching the 81st Annual Academy Awards®. Host an Oscars® House Party with TrueNorth™ and receive an exclusive swag bag featuring TrueNorth™ snacks and other Oscar® worthy surprises.

      South Beach Living™ Foods House Party
      sponsored by Kraft
      March 2009

      Be among the first to taste the latest in smart nutrition from South Beach Living™ foods. You and your friends will sample new South Beach Living™ Fiber Fit Granola Bars and tell us what you think! You’ll also enjoy our delicious pizza and wraps, exciting games and activities, plus get a great gift!

      Sargento Finishers House Party
      sponsored by Sargento
      March 14, 2009
      It’s not just how you start a great party. It’s how you finish! Sargento Finishers will show you how to put the finishing touches on any party! With Sargento Salad and Potato Finishers you and your guests will display your creativity by transforming ordinary salads and potatoes into exciting great tasting meals thanks to Sargento Finishers. To add to the fun you’ll be treated to a night loaded with experiencing fabulous food, games, coupons, and plenty of start-to-finish entertaining tips!

      Green Mountain Coffee® & Keurig® House Party
      sponsored by Green Mountain Coffee
      March 2009
      Treat your coffee lovers to quality coffeehouse favorites in the convenience of your home. Just gather them around the Keurig Single-Cup Brewer to brew up everyone’s favorite Green Mountain Coffee. With the Keurig Brewer each cup is brewed to individual perfection. It promises to be a hot time brimming with your favorite steaming brews and delectable desserts.

      Clairol House Party
      sponsored by Procter & Gamble
      Spring 2009
      Gather the girls for a fun hair coloring party! Clairol gives you simple ways to look and feel your best. Host an exciting party that will transform everyone and you’ll hear them talking about your party for quite some time!

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      Has anyone does these before? I don’t understand how they work.

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      Everyone check your e-mails. I just received an email saying I was a finalist for the Velveeta House Party. Hopefully I am one of the 1st 2500 to respond. Please, Please, Please.

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      I made it, just got the following email.

      Congratulations… You are a VELVEETA Game Day House Party host!!
      Because you were among the first host finalists to set up your party online, you are confirmed as a host and will be receiving a free party package to share with your guests shortly before the party.

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      Hey JKP, can I come to your house??? I signed up but I just checked and I am not a finalist….awh shucks!!!

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      Has anyone does these before? I don’t understand how they work.

      It is really simple, all you do is go register with the site. When the have a party coming up they will email the information to you. If you are selected as a person to host a party there is a survey you fill in then they will email if you are one of the first to return your survey.

      I have been selected for 2 houseparties so far: Arm & Hammer-they sent their new cleaning supplies, tote bags, micro fiber clothes and coupons. I will also be hosting the TNT Trust Me houseparty next weekend. With this one I will be getting 2 DVD’s of the premiere that wont air until the 26th, hats, a serving bowl, and some other items.

      In return all you have to do is have a party! So simple.

      jpk-Congratulations! That would have been a fun houseparty to do.

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      this looks like fun!! i sent off my application and really hope i get to do one in the near future. 🙂

      congrats to those of you who get to enjoy this great opportunity. how fun!!

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      I’ve signed up for several of these in the past, but nothing yet. I’ll keep at it, so sooner or later.
      Hey Ladies good luck with your parties..

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