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      Blue Window Cleaner recipe
      3 tablespoons ammonia
      3/4 cup water
      1 tablespoon white vinegar
      2 drops blue food coloring

      Put into a clean spray bottle.
      Clogged Drain Remedy recipe
      1 cup salt
      1 cup baking soda
      1 cup vinegar

      Mix, then pour down the drain. Follow with 2 quarts boiling water.
      Dishwashing Gel recipe
      1/2 pound plain white bar soap
      1/2 gallon water

      Grate soap into flakes and place in large pot with water. Stir to
      dissolve flakes. Boil 10 minutes, stirring frequently.

      Pour into a
      glass jar and allow to cool without a lid. Once cool, cover to
      prevent soap from drying out. As soap sits it will thicken to a gel

      To use, pour into a squirt bottle, filling bottle 1/4 full. Fill
      bottle with hot water and shake before using.
      “Elmers” Glue recipe
      1 quart skim milk
      3/4 tablespoon baking soda
      1 tablespoon white vinegar
      10 ounces water

      Place milk and vinegar in a double boiler. Cook on low heat and stir
      as curds form. Drain off liquid.

      Wash remaining mass with water until
      the vinegar smell is gone. Put into a clean bowl. Dissolve baking
      soda in water.

      Pour over curds and stir until a white paste forms.
      Seal in suitable containers.
      Homemade Laundry Soap recipe
      Submitted to Recipe Goldmine by Nanette Hummel

      1 bar Ivory Soap (plain, pure soap – no fragrance)
      1 cup washing soda (not baking soda)

      Fill a large bucket or container with hot tap water. Set aside.

      Grate the bar of soap into a saucepan. Add water just to cover the
      grated soap. Heat the mixture, stirring constantly, until the soap is

      Add the soap-water mixture to the hot water in the bucket.
      Stir to combine. Then add washing soda and stir. As this cools it
      will turn into a white gelatinous soap.

      The thickness will vary
      depending on the size of container used.

      To use: Pour one cup into soiled laundry load.

      This bucket of soap does a lot of laundry for a very small price and
      more soap is just 15 minutes away. One batch washes 24 loads of
      Microwave Cleaner recipe
      1 cup water
      1 quart warm water
      1/4 cup baking soda

      To loosen dried-on food, put 1 cup water in a microwavable cup and
      heat in the microwave until it boils; turn off the microwave and let
      the water sit for 1 minute. Dissolve baking soda in 1 quart warm
      water and, using a sponge or cloth, wash the interior of the
      microwave with this solution to clean and deodorize it.
      Nonstick Cookware Stain Remover recipe
      2 tablespoons baking soda
      1 cup water
      1/2 cup vinegar

      Boil this mixture in the affected cookware for 10 minutes. Re-season
      the cookware with salad oil.
      —Paper Glue recipe
      1/4 cup flour
      3/4 cup hot water
      1/4 cup granulated sugar
      1/2 teaspoon powdered alum
      1/4 cup cold water
      5 drops clove oil (optional)

      Mix flour and sugar in a saucepan. Add cold water and whisk until
      mixture is smooth. Add hot water.

      Place mixture over medium heat and
      stir constantly until it comes to a boil and thickens. Remove from
      heat. Stir in alum.

      Add clove oil for a pleasant scent, if desired.
      Allow paste to cool before using. Store tightly sealed.
      Perspiration Remover recipe
      4 tablespoons salt
      1 quart water

      Soak garment in this solution, then rinse and wash garment as usual.
      Sink or Tub Whitener recipe
      This will temporarily whiten yellowed sinks or tubs.

      1/2 cup turpentine
      2 tablespoons salt

      Scrub with a terry cloth rag.
      Windshield Wiper Spray recipe
      1/4 cup vinegar

      Put vinegar in dispenser first, then fill with water.
      Windshield Cleaner (extra-strength) recipe
      1/2 cup whiting
      1 cup fuller’s earth
      1/4 cup baking soda

      Mix, and add enough water to make a paste. Apply with a sponge.
      Polish with a dry lint-free cloth.
      Window Cleaner (for warm weather) recipe
      2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol
      2 quarts water
      Window Cleaner (for cold weather) recipe
      2 tablespoons cornstarch
      1 quart warm water
      White Sock Soap recipe
      1/4 cup liquid chlorine bleach
      1 cup powdered dishwasher detergent
      1 gallon hot water

      Use a plastic, enamel or stainless steel container (not aluminum) or
      the kitchen sink. If the fabric or material cannot take hot water,
      let it cool. Let socks soak for 5 to 10 minutes.

      Check them and, if
      needed, soak a little longer. Rinse well and then wash as usual.

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      What a great post! So glad I was directed here, I will definitely be using many of these recipes. Thanks Virginia!

      However, I did not see what I was looking for. I cannot make the Laundry Sauce right now (but you can bet your sweet bippy just as soon as I can, I WILL!) and so still need to pretreat my stains. Anyone know a good stain pretreat I can make using what I might have on hand?

      Thanks so much for sharing!

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