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      > >WOW! these recipes are awsome! Thanks for sharing those.

      > With school starting in about a month I’ll have to start worrying

      > about my daughter bringing home uninvited “guests” again! Head


      > They can be a problem at our school when parents just don’t care


      > to treat their child’s hair. Do you have a homemade recipe to


      > get rid of or prevent them? Thanks! moonflower





      > > All-Purpose Tree Fertilizer recipe

      > > 3 parts cottonseed meal, soy meal, or blood meal

      > > 2 parts finely ground raw phosphate rock or steamed bone meal

      > > 3 parts wood ashes, granite rock or greens

      > > 1 part dolomitic limestone

      > >

      > > Mix all materials. Apply 1 pound of fertilizer for each foot of


      > > drip line diameter of the tree (3 feet = 12 pounds).

      > >


      Mayo will kill head lice. Just grease up there head in it and it

      suffocates the lice.

      Wash it out very good.

      Very cheap!

      Mayo also will condition your hair. So it will not hurt you at all.

      Kelly in NJ

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