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      I hope this doesn’t come off as being flip, but thats probably a bargain

      compared to the cost and time involved in getting rid of a case of lice. I live

      in fear of those pests. So far we’ve been lucky and not had any problems. I

      usually use a bit of hair gel in my girl’s hair and maybe a small spritz of hair

      spray. I have heard that lice are most attracted to squeaky clean hair so I

      figure putting a little something on them might keep them away. It seems to have

      worked so far.

      Our district built a new elementary school a few years ago and all classrooms

      now has a separate cubby for each child. It used to be their hats and coats

      would all be squished together on hooks at the back of the room. The incidents

      of lice do seem to have greatly come down since then. Give your children strict

      orders never to share combs or brushes or share hats, scarves or jackets with

      other children. My girls even use their own personal softball helmet, not the

      ones provided by the league and shared with the team. I’m really paranoid of

      lice. my head itches just thinking about it!

      good luck!!

      donna nj


      from: jill coughlin <>

      Date: 2007/07/22 Sun PM 02:40:16 CDT


      Subject: RE: : Re: HouseHold Recipes

      okay… found the castile soap… but it’s not cheap!!! how much doyou all

      pay for it, what size and where do you get it? i finallyfound it at a

      natural food store and it was 15.00 for a quart.ÂÂYIKES!!!

      Thanks in advance for your replies!


      At 12:38 PM 7/22/2007, you wrote:

      ÂÂ>> I’ll have to start worrying about my daughterbringing home uninvited

      “guests” again! Headlice!! <<  ÂÂVisit our forums and view the tons of posts onthis topic: and typein Lice


      You’ll find lots of suggestions of what TO do andwhat Not to do.



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