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      >WOW! these recipes are awsome! Thanks for sharing those.

      With school starting in about a month I’ll have to start worrying

      about my daughter bringing home uninvited “guests” again! Head lice!!

      They can be a problem at our school when parents just don’t care enough

      to treat their child’s hair. Do you have a homemade recipe to kill,

      get rid of or prevent them? Thanks! moonflower

      > All-Purpose Tree Fertilizer recipe

      > 3 parts cottonseed meal, soy meal, or blood meal

      > 2 parts finely ground raw phosphate rock or steamed bone meal

      > 3 parts wood ashes, granite rock or greens

      > 1 part dolomitic limestone


      > Mix all materials. Apply 1 pound of fertilizer for each foot of the

      > drip line diameter of the tree (3 feet = 12 pounds).

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