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      All-Purpose Tree Fertilizer recipe

      3 parts cottonseed meal, soy meal, or blood meal

      2 parts finely ground raw phosphate rock or steamed bone meal

      3 parts wood ashes, granite rock or greens

      1 part dolomitic limestone

      Mix all materials. Apply 1 pound of fertilizer for each foot of the

      drip line diameter of the tree (3 feet = 12 pounds).


      Aluminum Pot Cleaner recipe

      2 tablespoons cream of tartar

      1 quart water

      Mix; boil in the aluminum pot for 10 minutes. Scour lightly if needed


      Anti-Static Spray recipe

      1/4 cup commercial liquid fabric softener

      1/4 cup ammonia

      2 cups water

      Mix ingredients and store in a spray bottle. Spray liberally on the

      rug, your shoes, chair, desktop, or file cabinet, but do not spray

      directly onto your computer system


      Appliance Cleaner Spray recipe

      1 teaspoon borax

      3 tablespoons vinegar

      2 cups hot water

      Combine in a spray bottle. Shake to mix and dissolve borax. Spray on

      appliances and wipe off with a soft cloth or sponge.


      Aromatic Carpet Cleaner recipe

      2 cups baking soda

      1/2 cup cornstarch

      4 to 5 bay leaves

      1 tablespoon cloves

      Mix all ingredients together and keep in a closed container. Sprinkle

      on carpet and let sit for a couple of hours. Vacuum carpet in usual



      Automatic Dishwashing Soap recipe

      Like Cascade and Sun Light

      Homemade natural formula will safely cut through grease and sanitize

      your dishes as well.

      1/2 cup liquid castile soap

      1/2 cup water

      1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

      3 drops tea tree extract

      1/4 cup white vinegar

      Combine water and liquid Castile soap. Stir and then add lemon juice,

      tea tree extract, and vinegar. Stir until blended evenly and store in

      a squeeze bottle.


      Baby Wipes recipe

      2 cups warm water

      2 tablespoons baby shampoo

      2 tablespoons baby oil

      Mix these ingredients. Soak heavy, white paper towels in this

      solution and tuck into used baby wipes containers or plastic bags to

      use in the nursery.


      Barbecue Fire Starters recipe

      1 pound paraffin


      Melt paraffin and mix with sawdust. Pour into an empty cardboard egg

      carton. After the wax is set, the 12 cubes are cut from the egg

      carton. To start the charcoal, place one cube in the barbecue

      container and cover with briquettes. Light, then relax until the

      coals are ready.


      Bathroom Window Frost recipe

      4 tablespoons Epsom salt

      1 cup beer

      Dissolve Epsom salt in beer. Apply with a 2-inch wide brush to the

      inside of the windowpanes. It dries well, lasts a long time and, when

      washed off, is easily re-applied. Also, you can get prettier

      crystallization by dipping a terry cloth in the above mixture and

      dabbing it on.


      Beeswax Furniture Polish recipe

      4 ounces beeswax

      2 tablespoons carnauba wax

      2 1/2 cups odorless turpentine or mineral spirits

      Melt the waxes on HIGH in a microwave or in a double boiler. Remove

      the waxes from the heat and stir in the turpentine or mineral

      spirits. When cool, store in a tightly capped container.

      Apply the polish with a clean cloth and rub in small circles. Turn

      the cloth as it becomes dirty. Allow the polish to dry, then buff

      with a clean cloth. If more than one coat is desired, wait two days

      between applications.


      Better Baby Wipes recipe

      This recipe is from a pediatrician.

      I’ve seen some recipes on Dollar Stretcher for baby wipes, but none

      mentioned boiling water! When you boil the water it cuts down on the

      bacteria and the wipes are good for months, not weeks! I used this

      recipe for my two babies and it worked great! I saved a lot of money

      doing it this way. Keeping a container of wipes in the car is

      convenient, too.

      2 cups boiling water

      2 tablespoons baby bath

      2 tablespoons baby lotion (any lotion may be used)

      1/2 roll of Bounty Paper Towels (This brand holds together well.)

      Boil water; pour water, baby bath and lotion in round container.

      (Look at Wal-Mart for a round Rubbermaid 10-cup plastic container.)

      Put in 1/2 roll of Bounty. Invert container after a few minutes for

      even distribution.

      Take out cardboard; unroll from center.


      Bleach (heavy-duty) recipe

      1 gallon water

      2 cups chlorinated lime

      3 cups washing soda

      Mix in an old plastic bucket. Stir well. Let stand, uncovered, for 24

      hours. Strain into storage containers. Use as any commercial bleach.

      avoid contact with skin and fumes when mixing.


      christmas snow recipe

      1/3 cup liquid starch

      1 cup soap flakes or detergent granules

      1 to 2 tablespoons water

      Blue food coloring

      Mix liquid starch into the soap flakes. Add the water and beat with a

      rotary beater until the mixture has the consistency of marshmallow

      fluff or thick meringue.

      Beat in the blue food coloring drop by drop to achieve a white, icy

      effect. Using a clean paintbrush, dab the snow onto the tops of your

      green branches in various artistic patterns.

      You can also sprinkle sequins, glitter or confetti over the Christmas


      CAUTION: Make certain that children realize the snow is made of soap

      and should not be handled or played with.


      Clogged Drain Remedy recipe

      1 cup salt

      1 cup baking soda

      1 cup vinegar

      Mix, then pour down the drain. Follow with 2 quarts boiling water.


      Cockroach Control recipe

      4 parts borax

      2 parts all-purpose flour

      1 part cocoa powder

      Mix; sprinkle where pets and children cannot get to it.


      “Elmers” Glue recipe

      1 quart skim milk

      3/4 tablespoon baking soda

      1 tablespoon white vinegar

      10 ounces water

      Place milk and vinegar in a double boiler. Cook on low heat and stir

      as curds form. Drain off liquid. Wash remaining mass with water until

      the vinegar smell is gone. Put into a clean bowl. Dissolve baking

      soda in water. Pour over curds and stir until a white paste forms.

      Seal in suitable containers.


      Fireplace Logs recipe

      4 pounds copper sulfate

      3 pounds rock salt

      1 gallon water

      Dissolve copper sulfate and rock salt in water in a 5-gallon crock.

      Wrap old newspapers tightly and tie. Soak the newspapers in the

      solution, then dry them well and stack away for future use. These

      logs will burn a beautiful blue for a long time.


      Leather Upholstery Cleaner recipe

      1/2 cup isopropyl alcohol

      1 1/2 cups water

      1/2 cup vinegar

      Mix ingredients. Store in a clean glass jar with a tight-fitting

      cover. Apply solution to leather upholstery with a soft cloth. Buff

      dry with another clean, soft cloth. If you want to waterproof the

      clean leather, apply 1 tablespoon castor oil to a soft cloth, then

      buff vigorously.


      Makeup Brush and Sponge Solution recipe

      2 parts water

      1 part fine fabric cleanser

      Baking soda

      Combine two parts water and one part fine fabric cleanser. Dip makeup

      brushes into the solution. Rinse in clean water. Submerge brushes

      again into a baking soda and water mixture to soften the bristles.

      Rinse again in clean water. Blot excess and allow to dry.

      You can also wash them with shampoo and conditioner once a month.

      Squeeze out excess water, lay them flat overnight and reshape them

      when dry.


      Oopsie” Cleanup recipe

      To clean pet urine from the carpet, blot up what you can with paper


      Mix one teaspoon mild dish-washing detergent in one cup warm water,

      dip a clean towel in the liquid and, working from outside in, dab at

      stain. Do not over-wet.

      Rinse with fresh water and blot dry.

      Mix one-third cup white vinegar with two-thirds cup water and dab on

      stain. Rinse with water; blot until dry.

      Once area is totally dry (after at least 24 hours), sprinkle entire

      carpet with baking soda (Bicarbonate of soda) or rug deodorizer.

      Vacuum after a few hours.


      Potpourri Molds recipe

      1 cup all-purpose flour

      1/2 cup salt

      1 cup potpourri (old or new), cut finely

      1/3 to 1/2 cup water

      Cookie cutters (the open kind, not closed)

      Mix all of the ingredients together and refrigerate for 5 minutes.

      Flatten the dough either with your hands or a slightly floured

      rolling pin. Cut the dough with cookie cutters. Or you can use the

      dough like clay and make a sculpture.

      If using as a hanging ornament, punch a hole in each shape. Set on a

      wire rack to dry thoroughly.


      Salty Fish Bait recipe

      Bring a pint of sweet milk to a boil. Add 3 tablespoons salt. Heat

      until milk starts to foam, and add enough cornmeal until the mixture

      is thick and tough enough to stay on the hook. You can add bits of

      cotton to hold it together.


      Sweet Fish Bait recipe

      Mix 1 cup flour, 1 cup cornmeal and 10 tablespoons of thick molasses.

      Mix into stiff dough and roll into bait balls. Drop into boiling

      water. Boil 10 minutes. Remove and drop into cold water.


      Swiffer Refill Cloths recipe

      This works well for both the wet and dry Swiffers!

      Cut up an old receiving blanket or other similar heavy fabric in the

      size needed for your “Swiffer.” Use and toss in the washing machine

      to be used again


      White Sock Soap recipe

      1/4 cup liquid chlorine bleach

      1 cup powdered dishwasher detergent

      1 gallon hot water

      Use a plastic, enamel or stainless steel container (not aluminum) or

      the kitchen sink. If the fabric or material cannot take hot water,

      let it cool. Let socks soak for 5 to 10 minutes. Check them and, if

      needed, soak a little longer. Rinse well and then wash as usual.


      Windshield Cleaner (extra-strength) recipe

      1/2 cup whiting

      1 cup fuller’s earth

      1/4 cup baking soda

      Mix, and add enough water to make a paste. Apply with a sponge.

      Polish with a dry lint-free cloth.


      Windshield Wiper Spray recipe


      1/4 cup vinegar

      Put vinegar in dispenser first, then fill with water.

      ***This works great for mirrors too I only use this!!***


      Wonder Spray recipe

      1/4 cup white vinegar

      2 teaspoons Borax

      1/4 cup liquid soap

      32 ounces hot water

      20 drops essential oil*

      Combine all ingredients. Use as you would any other cleaning spray.

      * Lavender is an antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial.


      Kelly in IL

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