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      August 16th – Barbie’s FAB-ulous Summer PJ Party – House Party

      August 23, 24, or 25 – TNT Raising the Bar House Party

      September 6th – 7th – Fisher-Price Play Date House PartyView Details

      September 13th Just Add Water (Nestle) HousepartyView Details

      September 17th – Orville Girls Night In House Party View Details

      September 20th Kelloggs Live Bright House party View Details

      October 4th – The Taste of Grey Poupon House PartyView Details

      October 4th – Get Creative With The Canon House PartyGET ON THE LIST

      New Announcements: Date Still Unknown:

      Arm & Hammer Houseparty View Details

      Barilla House Party – View Details

      Better Homes and Gardens HousepartyView Details

      Low-Fat Food Tasting HousepartyView Details

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      September 17th – Orville Girls Night In House Party

      House Party > Orville Girls Night In House Party

      Orville Redenbacher
      September 17: Orville Girls Night In House Party

      Ready, Set, Action! Invite your friends over for an exciting “Girls Night In” that will be filled with fun. First, pop the new Orville Redenbacher’s Natural Lime and Salt popcorn. Second, watch the premier episode of Season Two of the Lipstick Jungle television show. Third, enjoy special gifts from Maybelline Cosmetics. Lots to do! Lots to enjoy!

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      Barilla House Party October 2008

      In the September issue of Family Circle Magazine there is an ad for a Barilla Houseparty (page 202). Here’s what it says:

      This October invite your favorite moms over for a night of Italian food, fun and friends! Host a Barilla House Party and experience all the comforts of Italy without leaving your home!
      Hosts will receive a Barilla Party kit complete with exclusive gifts and offers, including:
      – Barillia Piccolini Pasta
      – The best of Andrea Bocelli Vivere CD
      – Authentic Italian recipes from Barilla
      – And more!
      Apply online beginning this September at House Party > Barilla House Party

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      Cartoon Network’s Out of this World House Party — Apply Now
      House Party > Cartoon Network Confidential House Party

      An all-new, groundbreaking Cartoon Network series
      This series is so big that – for now – we’re keeping the title under wraps.
      But you won’t be disappointed. Dramatic animation and action-packed adventure will keep you and your guests riveted to the screen.

      “Bragging rights” for your kids and their friends The buzz around this new series, which promises to make TV history, will be epic. If selected as a host, you and your guests will preview the premiere episode a week in advance of its airing on Cartoon Network.

      No doubt about it, your kids and their friends will be thrilled to be among the first to experience this show.

      If your kids love Cartoon Network… if they love good stories combined with action and adventure, then don’t delay. Apply now to be a House Party host.

      Demand will be exceptionally great and you don’t want to risk your kids and their friends missing out on this extraordinary viewing event from Cartoon Network.

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      New HouseParty- Ford Warriors in Pink Oct 16

      October 16th: Ford Warriors In Pink House Party
      Supporter… Fighter…Survivor… However the battle against breast cancer fits into your life, Ford supports your cause. Host a Ford Warriors in Pink House Party, and have a blast raising awareness while showing off your favorite Ford vehicle. Your party will watch the second episode of a new NBC sitcom, Kath & Kim, and show your support for breast cancer awareness. Enjoy a free party pack filled with great gifts from Ford Warriors in Pink. Treat your guests to a test drive, and they can qualify to win a 2009 limited edition Ford Mustang with Warriors in Pink package!

      House Party > Upcoming Events

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      I got picked for the Cartoon Network Clone Wars House Party Yah!! my son is thrilled!!

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      [Very happy for you and your son. Let us know how the party went. And what you got in this deal.:clap:
      JoAnn in N.Ohio

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      How wonderful. My boys (and husband) are huge star wars fans. Do share how the party goes.

      Have a great time.

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      Could somebody please give me the “low down” on this. I went to the website, got the “normal” sales job. What does a person have to do, how much time required (really) and any added learning experiances that you have come across.

      Is it really worth the effort?

      Just FMI (for my information) questions. Hoping you could give me your opinions.

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      @jkpjohnson 81745 wrote:

      Could somebody please give me the “low down” on this..

      You fill them out, if you’re selected they send you a big package of free stuff. You hold a house party, invite a few friends over, raise hell, have a good time, and then spend 10 minutes online sharing your opinion. It’s a good excuse to have a bunch of friends over and you get lots of cool free stuff.

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      Better Homes and Gardens Cookie Swap House Party
      Kick off the holiday season with a Cookie Swap! Host a Holiday Cookie Swap party for friends and family and give everyone even more reason to celebrate. Bake. Swap. Enjoy. You and guests can share delicious recipes and receive special gifts from Better Homes and Gardens, Land O’ Lakes, ZipLoc™ and Share Our Strength. Watch everyone get in the holiday spirit!

      House Party > Upcoming Events

      House Party > BHG Cookie Swap House Party

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      BHG Cookie Swap House Party— I signed up for this one. Everyone keep those fingers crossed for me. At the holidays I bake all kinds of cookies and breads.Then dress them up in my decorated baskets.

      Everyone looks forward to these treats. Friends,family and the smiley

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      I have been selected to host a Barilla House Party!!!

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      Congrats Flutterbye!

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      Just a quick note that the Arm N Hammer house party is taking applications!
      Good luck to all!

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      i saw that and am thinking about entering that one too! LOL!

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      :041: Congrats. Flutterbye,
      Let us know how things go w/the party.

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      Have to ask, how did the Clone Wars house party go? My boys had a camp out in the living room last night to watch the show on Cartoon Network.

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      I got my box from Barilla today. There was:
      2 boxes of pasta
      8 pasta timers
      8 bean bag things
      lots of coupons
      an italy 2008 book
      8 books for kids
      italian quick and easy magazine
      wine glass charms
      Italian music cd

      Plus the website gives you lots of tips too

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      Question on this house party thing, is there anywhere on the website that will give you an idea of how many people to put for how many you will invite etc, to up your chances of winning? Thanks

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      When I did mine, when I was chosen, I was asked to try and have 8 people minimum. I am inviting my playdate group to mine, so I will have 8 moms and then the children also. I don’t recall seeing the chances on there though. Hope this helps.

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      It went great!! My son had a sleep-over last weekend and they all watched the movie and got to take home from the party package that I received a paper mask sticker and tatoo sheets glow sticks and a poster on the movie My son also got a hard plastic mask (he is going to use it for Halloween) and a full sized light saber (checked the price of the light saber at Wal-mart yesterday and they cost $20) So this one came with alot of stuff–thanks for asking how my party went! 🙂

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      Thanks for updating us on how your party went. I will do the same after mine!

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      Do update on how the parties go. It is fun for ideas for future parties.

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      I have been signing up for these House Parties, like every one of them….even the “Ice Road Trucker,” and I just finally got accepted and received my party box today for Grey Poupon!! :mrgreen:

      This is what I got~

      • 1 “Let Them Eat Mustard” limited edition Grey Poupon apron
      • 45 coupons
      • 13 Mustard Pairing Wheels
      • 13 Gift Bags
      • 13 Grey Poupon wet/dry measuring cups
      • 13 jars of Grey Poupon Harvest Coarse Ground Mustard
      • 1 jar of Grey Poupon Hearty Spicy Brown Mustard
      • 1 jar of Grey Poupon Savory Honey Mustard
      • Recipe Cards, 3 for each guest
      • Interactive House Party DVD
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      Sound like a nice start for your party. Let us know how it goes

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      I am so excited :101::dance::041: I was just accepted for the Arm and Hammer house party!!!! I love Arm and Hammer-this is going to be so fun!

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      Congrad’s do keep us inormed of the planning. Hope to see some of your pictures too, if you take some.

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      @wilbe95 85187 wrote:

      I am so excited :101::dance::041: I was just accepted for the Arm and Hammer house party!!!! I love Arm and Hammer-this is going to be so fun!

      I got in as well. This is the 1st time for me.

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      jkpjohnson this is my first as well. Maybe we should pm and plan similar :). Can’t go wrong with Arm and Hammer, I am anxious to see what comes. Congrat’s!!

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      Congrad’s to you also. Sounds like you and Kim are in for some fun soon. Hope to see or
      hear about your plans and the outcome of your party.

      Have fun w/ it…

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      I just got the invitation for the Pre-Holiday House Party (Philly Cream Cheese) today.

      Also notified that the Arm & Hammer House Party Kits were shipped out today, to those who were excepted.

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      I really want to get the xbox 360 party. I think that one I can really get all the guys involved in

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      I got in on the Pre Holiday Party ~ Yes Yes Yes~ I love philly Cream Cheese, I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Good Luck There
      Philly Cream Cheese—-Let us know how it’s going there…..You GO!!!

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      Oh I forgot to ask Kim. How her party plans are going…Hey Kim hows it going w/ your party plans?

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      It is going good. Goodies have arrived and I have already played with the cleaning supplies. They sent coupons for some free items but my lovely little stores do not have the items yet.

      Saturday is the big day for the party.

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      Do hope you find your free items–bummer that that some of the stores don’t have those yet..

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      I am hoping that it is just because it is a new product. The coupons are good for a couple weeks yet so hopefully they will ge the products in.

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      I am hosting one of TNT Leverage parties!!!

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      House party is having a clariol hair coloring party. Not taking applications yet but you can get on the list to find out when they will be.

      Also, I was selected for the Secret Life of the American Teen 2 house party. My 14 year old is so excited.

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      the tnt leverage box had some great stuff had 10 shoulder bags, 10 pens with led flashlights built in and a game and note pads. My boyfriend has said sign up for everyone of these LOL

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      mdowdy, I agree with the BF sign up for them such great items for free! All you have to do is invite some friends can’t get any easier than that. Great news on the party for your teen!

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      @wilbe95 92259 wrote:

      mdowdy, I agree with the bf sign up for them such great items for free! all you have to do is invite some friends can’t get any easier than that. great news on the party for your teen!

      thanks i have one for him (leverage party) one for her, now the other kids are hollering they want one and to think i was trying to get one for myself 🙂

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