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      I am sending this out to all my frugal friends. My husband and I have lived in this house for over 26 years. We have been looking at condos for a number of reasons.

      We want to get rid of all this STUFF. Liberate our selves. We want to stop dumping money into our house.

      It seems that all the time we are renovating something or replacing something else. We don’t need all this space, we don’t really enjoy it, we just clean it. We don’t like yard work at all, besides we have a cottage on an acreage that takes care of that.

      Has anyone else done this downsizing? How do you get past the indecision of it? Were you happy with your decision?

      Today we viewed a wonderful condo in our neighbourhood, brand new, 1275 square feet, two bedrooms and a den. We loved it, but we are so wishy washy! Anyone?

      Mary in Alberta

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      There are many things to consider before you can buy a place to live. Condominiums, or condos as individuals call them, offer all the benefits of living in apartments with all the advantages of home ownership. No yard work is needed.

      However, there are some significant condominium disadvantages an individual should have in mind before buying.

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      I am making the opposite move, going from a townhome to a house. A word of advice for any type of communal living is to check out what kinds of dues you will have to pay: monthly, quarterly, annually. Keep in mind that just because they are one way when you move in doesn’t mean they won’t change.

      Ours started at $301 a quarter and have now jumped to $170 a month and are probably going to increase again in November. Buyer beware when it comes to this. Mind you this does not include any utilities.

      Only trash, landscape and community pool.

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      don’t move into a condo until you find out how much the coa fees are (hoa). they can be high and bring your monthly payment up – sometimes hundreds of dollars. check it out first….

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives General Budget & Finance House living vs. Condo living