Hotdog Severed Fingers

Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Hotdog Severed Fingers

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      My dad makes these every year for Halloween.

      Ingredients Needed
      -8 HotDogs
      -16 thin Pretzel sticks
      -OPTIONAL: 8 almonds halved (16 almond halves in all)
      -Ketchup to decorate/dip

      1.Cook all hotdogs thoroughly, any method is fine as long as the hotdogs stay hole. Let cool just enough so they’re still warm.

      2. Cut hotdogs in half, so you have shorter hot dog pieces.

      3. stick one pretzel stick in the side of the hotdog you just cut. Add ketchup for a blood effect.

      4. Optional, add almond to top of hotdog so it looks like a finger nail.

      Serve warm. Great for parties or snacks.

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      Sounds Neat…My 6 year old would love this..Thanks for sharing

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      This is great Terrian! Do you have any photos of them to share?? Maybe liss can promote this to it’s own page in the eerie edibles area.

      I would love to see what these look like all made

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      You can also Just cut the top part of the hotdog away to shape it like a fingernail, cut slits midway alon and then boil it with slices of white onion, use a little piece of onion too for the fingernail and stick it on with a bit of ketchup to show a bloody fingernail.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Hotdog Severed Fingers