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      I am 49 years of age and hot flashes have hit home. I am looking more into
      natural remedies. I have had irregular periods for a year or two, and all
      other good stuff that goes with aging.

      If you have any suggestions please let

      Thank you,

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      Hot flashes sometimes can cause sleep disorder and the best advice about that is to take a shower before going to sleep. Eating healthy foods and a regular exercise is also advisable.

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      Im 46 and have had the hot flashes for a year now, really bad when Im in public and start sweating for no reason, my mood swings are really bad too, one minute I’m in a good mood and the next I’m crying or mad, but there is no sign of my period slowing down. I have it for 6 or 7 days, 4 or 5 of them heavy, sometimes, I feel like I’m gonna bleed to death, so I take extra iron for about a week a month, and a nice cool shower helps for night sweats, and dollar general’s brand of pms pills seem to help some on the mood swings and turns the severe cramping into dull aches. Thanks for reading.

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      I am 39 and have had body changes as well. Period for 7-9 days, warmer than normal when family is bundled up. Was wondering what might be going on.Will have to speak with dr. about it when I go in for flu vaccine.Eye lashes are thinning and weight changes with no diet changes.

      Wasn’t sure if I needed to aske about “the change” or thyroid.

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      I’m 53 this year and have been dealing with the menopause thing for the last 2 years. I have found that black cohosh does work for me; taking 40 mg a day. At first I just bought black cohosh supplement.

      The last couple of months I found an Equate brand(Walmart), Menopause complex – contains 60 pills – a 30 day supply one day time pill and one for night before bed. It also contains 40 mg total of black cohosh…plush green tea in the day pill and hops in the night pill to aid in relaxation… It works wonders as well for mood swing and that “all tied up in knots” feeling….

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