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      I found a site that has alot of wonderful and helpful information concerning
      menopause and perimenopause. It is This site is
      owned by a lady named Rhonda Beagan and she does all she can to help educate
      women and find more healthful and natural solutions to our “problems” rather
      than just blindly follow the same old path.
      She also has a yahoo group.

      It is called Natural Menopause.
      I started using progesterone cream and it has relieved my hot flashes, night
      sweats and that awful “feel like you’re about to come out of your skin” feeling.
      I am not saying Rhonda will have the answers to your particular problem but
      this group is full of very supportive women trying to help each other. I don’t
      even get to post there because of my limited time on the computer, but I have
      read and learned alot from them.
      Hope this helps.

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