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      I hope no one minds me chiming in here….
      I am almost 34 and had a complete hysterectomy (I have no ovaries) at age 32
      and I take nothing (no hrt or ert) and is said surgical menopause worse as body
      has not prepared for it as it would have naturally. was explained to me as a car
      going from 60 to 0 slowly or instant. Surgical is the latter.
      I had gotten nightsweats and found when I increased my exercise, I don’t
      notice them anymore.

      I have always walked everywhere (No car by choice, have
      never had one) but I increased it to 2 hours a day. In know this is not viable
      for everyone and I did not do it all at once, broke it up during the day. I get
      hotflashes rarely but when I do is very embarrassing if is in front of ppl, my
      face gets red and it must as though I have been drinking the day before (I don’t
      Also is said caffeine makes them worse, nightsweats and hot flashes, I had way
      more problems with night sweats and i cut the caffeine also.

      i still don’t
      injest it as i like being able to sleep sometimes now and i don’t wake up with
      those anymore, maybe once in a while.
      when i feel the ‘monster’ mood coming, is different from when i got periods, i
      try to stay very aware of myself and remind myself this will pass and to not
      take it out on those around me. positive attitude goes a long way.

      such a long
      way that i when i quit smoking (6 months ago), no one realized for 3 weeks that
      I had quit and I work with ppl for a living…..
      But I will have to say exercise is the best thing I have found and studies done
      in Japan and other countries, women there don’t get hotflashes due to being more
      active and their diet…
      I dunno if this was helpful but is how I have dealt with this so far and has
      worked for me and the taking of vitamins I also do….

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