Hot Cocoa in a Jar

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      Hot Cocoa in a Jar
      Baby Food Jar
      Hot Cocoa Mix
      Miniature marshmallows
      Hershey Kiss Candy
      Small Candy Cane
      Clean the baby food jar and make sure it is completely dry.

      Put a one cup serving (pouch or amount to make one cup) of the hot cocoa mix into the jar. Fill the jar to the top with the miniature marshmallows. Put the cover on the jar tightly.
      Glue the Hershey Kiss candy to the top of the lid. Glue the small candy cane onto the side of the jar. You can also tie the candy cane on with the ribbon if you prefer.
      Add these directions and include them with your gift: Hot Chocolate in a Jar
      To warm yourself on a cold afternoon
      pour this jar of chocolate and marshmallows
      into a cup of hot water. Unwrap the Kiss
      and drop it into your cup. Stir it all
      together using the candy cane and enjoy!

      smiley-char039 smilie

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