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      Host a party ~ Free Foster Farms Corndogs!!

      March 22nd is National Corndog Day. I’m not making this up. Sign up to “host” a party with some family or friends and Foster Farms will ship you a bunch of corn dogs for free!

      Every year when the NCAA basketball tournament starts, and the sun is beginning to break through the clouds, you know it’s NATIONAL CORNDOG DAY!!! This year’s date is March 22nd!

      Sign up to host a public or private corndog party, and a few days before the date Foster Farms is cool enough to overnight (yes overnight) a ton of FREE corndogs for your party to promote NCD!!! Basically everyone “hosts” a private party for their family and friends. It’s really just an excuse to eat corndogs (for free!!) while watching the NCAA basketball tourney with your guy friends.

      This is my first year hosting, but last year I went to a party (My Brother In Law) and Foster Farms sent him over 160 free corndogs!!! He’s been doing it for three years now and each year he gets his free corndogs!! Typically he has at least a few boxes left over and he just stashes them in the freezer to eat whenever he or the kids want a corndog.

      I figured since I just moved into my house this year I’d invite a few friends and neighbors over to watch a little basketball, drink some beer, and eat a ton of free corn dogs.

      So hurry and sign up, the registration ends March 7th!!
      Here’s what you do once you make an account.

      Login to the site using your new account.
      Click on the Create content link in the menu at the top of the left hand column.
      Click on the Party link from the list of content type.
      Fill in the party form and submit it.

      That’s it. You’ll get an email about 7-10 before the official National Corndog Day, which is on March 22, so you should get an email around March 12th to the 16th that the corndogs are preparing to ship. Once they ship you’ll get one last email with the tracking info.

      Now this is a legit event that Foster Farm’s sponsors, so try not to be greedy and say you are hosting a party of 20+ people (unless you are). Put around 8-10 people you’ll get around 140-160 corndogs, in boxes of 20 corndogs each.

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies Host a party ~ Free Foster Farms Corndogs