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      Here in ga we call these things “mock oranges” and the trees are
      often found around old home sites. according to an article i read,
      they do repel cockroaches, with the bugs actually turning around and
      running away from the fruit and it’s smell. some people are allergic
      to the sap, which is milky in color, and the scent bothers some
      people as well.

      i used to work for a veterinarian and we would
      occasionally get a call to remove one of these things from a cow or
      horse’s throat where it was lodged (if the owner noticed a problem
      soon enough)…or when we did a necropsy to see what the animal died
      of. they are hard as a rock, and my cousins (boys) used to have
      fights with them all the time when we were kids…heaven help you if
      you got hit!

      lisa g.

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