Hornet/wasp control

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      I would do Hot Shot or some sort of high velosity can wasp/hornet spray. Something you can stand 3 feet away and spray them. They mainly hover around their nests.

      So look for the nests in the eaves and around nooks & crannies outside (around windows, doors, behind the shutters…etc) and spray the nests, then scrape them away the next day (I use a broom handle to do that).

      We deal with them all the time in se texas. an extreminator can’t do anything you couldn’t do – they would return if an exterminator did it too.


      in Houston

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      Last summer was the first year in our current home and we had a ton of hornets or wasps.

      They were getting behind the shutters and we are sure behind the siding. The kids are deathly afraid of them.
      Yesterday was warm and we saw some moving around already. Does anyone have an inexpensive solution to this problem?

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