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      My husband and I took our honeymoon last May to Riviera Maya, Mexico. We had a blast! We spent 4 days, 4 nights (we didn’t have much of a babysitter), the flight, the hotel, all you can eat, all you can drink (alcoholic and non), the beach, a free pass to the park/zoo that you don’t have to leave your hotel for and we only paid $1458.

      I know that for the amt that you are wanting to spend you could stay lots longer. If you go to this will show you the hotel. It is a 4 star plus, but I couldn’t see why it wasn’t a 5 star.

      If you go to you can see the park that they own. Also, go to and book early and you can get some great deals. We looked around and tried to book the vacation ourselves, and through the hotel website and it was still cheaper to go through worryfree.

      Also, I think it would beat a cruise hands down.

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask,


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Holidays & Special Occasions Wedding Events honeymoon ideas