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      >I have to say that I was researching this and I found hundreds of
      > articles supporting the fact that you CANNOT overdose on homeopathic
      > remedies. I didn’t find any that said otherwise. Now I am very
      > interested in this.<< When my son was about 3 he ate an entire (new) bottle of one particular
      remedy. I called the poison control center and they told me, give him half a
      cup of coffee & he’ll be perfectly fine. I did, he didn’t have any issues.
      I’m sure that, like anything else, if you continually took it day in an day
      out your body would manifest a reaction.

      Your body will do that whenever it
      is out of balance. My point was, its a safe alternative. Obviously, anyone
      thinking of trying herbal or homeopathic remedies should research them based
      on their own symptoms, body types, medical history, etc.

      > > I have several autoimmune diseases. The natural thinking of western
      > medicine is that since the immune system is attacking my body and
      > organs, I have to take immune suppressants to keep ‘the monster
      > down’. If I take immune boosters, my immune system just gets
      > stronger to attack my body more fiercely.

      I have been on
      > prednisone and some sort of immunosuppresant (mild chemo) for 7
      > years now, on and off. I am curious as to what the gse would do to
      > my immune system. i definitely want to use it for my son who has
      > autism and has adverse effects from antibiotics, which cause yeast
      > build up and effect children with autism.<<< what i would really recommend from my own experiences would be to look up
      your autoimmune conditions in the prescription for nutritional healing.
      (they also recommend gse & can offer dosage amounts, etc), but the whole
      book is really excellent. it offers a complete reference as to what effects
      the prednisone has on you and how to counter the side effects of it, etc.

      here’s a link to view what the book looks like,
      https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/158333 … ce&n=28315

      But you can get it through intralibrary loan or at natural/whole food
      stores. They usually have a copy available as a reference for customers.

      > Liss, I would love to hear more about this. Could you list those
      > books again???

      My favorites are:

      Anything by Susan Weed
      Rosemary Gladstar
      Christiane Northrup

      Family Herbal – R. Gladstar
      Healing Wise – S. Weed
      Herbal Healing for Women R.

      Herbal Remedies for Mens Health – R. Gladstar
      Wise Woman Herbal for the Child Bearing Years- S. Weed
      Back to Eden – Jethro Kloss
      Prescription for Nutritional Healing (all Editions are excellent) by Keats
      Publishing – this book encompasses vitamins and minerals as well as herbs.
      This is usually the first one I grab when someone has symptoms of illness.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Health & Home Remedies homeopathic remedies and overdose